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    Good morning Makers.

    We have been commissioned to deliver 2 units of what we are calling grow shelves to the TREK school on Holt st. in Brock. Thanks to the Home Depot donating the metal shelving units, we stand to profit around $500.

    KM buys all of the supplies, assembles them, and delivers shelves with LED grow tubes that can be raised and lowered, and sub irrigated planters. We are charging $750 per shelf, and should profit at least $100 off of each unit.

    This thread will serve as a record of the build. We hope to be able to build more in the futrue. My goal has always been that we teak the design a little each build, and can arrive at a nice, dialed in system that we can easily assemble after a few iterations.

    These current units need to be delivered on wednesday afternoon, the 7th of September. Next week. I want to apologize, that this was my project, and I have left it until the last minute. Its been a whirlwind summer.

    @arasbm has done some work on the laser cutter to create a system for raising and lowering the lights. Please post Aras if you have any pictures of your work.

    I’m looking for a little help, in the near term to complete these two units, and in the future to make sure these are easy for us to assemble the next time.

    If anybody is willing to make working drawings, that would be helpful for the future.

    I am also looking for help wednesday afternoon to deliver and setup the shelves out in Brock.

    Aras has done the hardest part. I will be working for a time this morning, and monday and tuesday evenings to get this completed. If anybody wants to lend a hand, post back here and either me or Aras can point you in the right direction.

    What’s left is mostly fairly simple…

    We need to cut small 2x4 blocks, paint them silver, install them on the bottom of the shelving units, and fix the casters onto them.

    We need to cut and drill out some galvanized conduit to hang the lights from.

    We need to cut and drill some flat steel to tie pairs of light tubes together.

    We need to drill out the side rails to insert the steel rod.

    We need to Attach to the side rails the flanges and crank mechanisms that Aras has lasercut.

    We need to cut and fix aircraft cable to the rods that the flat steel and lights will hang from.

    As I said, I will be working to get all of this done on my own. Anybody willing or able to help out on the drill press or a spray can, cutting steel or fixing nuts and bolts, please get in touch with either Bradley or Aras and we’ll delegate a task or two to you.

    I’ll post pictures of the build as we go. Aras, or anybody else who works on these, please post any pictures you take as you work.

    Thanks everybody. Happy labour day weekend…

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    Okay. I have picked up flat steel to mount the lights. As well as aircraft cable and the rest of the galvanized conduit for the height adjustment system.

    It has been cut to 12 9" lengths, with two 1/4" holes drilled 8" on center.


    I have picked all of the clips out of the boxes and removed the little rubber grommets. We cannot lose these clips!!


    I have assembled one lighting bracket. The light clips are fixed to the flat steel with 1/4" nuts and bolts.


    And I’ve assembled one lighting unit to get the distance between brackets so that we can drill the conduit for the aircraft cable. The distance between brackets will be 40", spaced 20" each side, 3/4" off center.

    0_1473106833366_2016-09-05 13.20.11.jpg

    The casters are also complete, I’ll drop them off and update with photos soon.

    @arasbm how is the testing for the acrylic going?

  • I plan to work on this tomorrow (Tuesday) night after work (around 8pm). Sorry @Bradley-Maker for the delay, it has been a busy weekend for me too. Hopefully, we still have enough time to finish things up tomorrow. If anyone can help tomorrow, let us know.

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    @arasbm I have some time - what do you need?

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    @Vaughn @arasbm

    I took the day off work to deal with a mountain of todos. I’ll be by the space something like 1:30-2, and I’ll be around as long as it takes to get this all done. Vaughn we can meety up when I get there and I can delegate a couple of things to you. Other than Aras’s part, its mostly fairly simple, just a lot of drilling holes, and bolting the mods on.

    I’m going to head out and pick up two power bars, and a few boxes of nuts and bolts, as well as the connections for the aircraft cable which for some reason weren’t for sale at Peavy where I bought the cable. It’ll cut into the budget a few bucks, which I think is okay, and we’ll have a bunch of extra nuts and bolts left over for the space.

    I just got off the phone with @Nicholas and he has agreed to head over to TREK tomorrow afternoon and get them assembled and delivered. I think it’ll be best to do most of the assembly on site. Nicholas is going to stop by this afternoon to meet with me and go over the plan.

    See you all later.

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