Laser Cutter 202 - Slot Construction Thurs Sept. 22 6-9pm

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    Laser Cutter 202 - Slot Construction Workshop

    Thurs Sept 22 6-9 pm @ Kamloops Makerspace 207 Victoria W.
    Facilitated by Vaughn Warren

    Participants will look at techniques for laser cutting 1/8" plywood slot construction objects, laser cut and build a simple slot constructed design, and leave room for participants pet project development.

    Participants must have Laser Cutter 101 (Basic Laser Cutter Operation) badge to do this workshop.

    10 max. participants

    Free for MakerSpace members, $40 for non-members

    Register now on picatic :link:

  • Count me in!

  • @Vaughn I made a picatic page and linked it in your original post. Looking forward to the workshop!

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    @arasbm thanks, Aras! Can members sign up on Picatic without paying?

  • @Vaughn yes! They just need to login. But if someone really does not want to login to picatic, they can let us know here and we reserve a spot for them.

  • Will there be another 101 course ahead of this?

  • @arasbm logged into the picatic page and tried to reserve a spot. Is there a promo code for members? @Vaughn Add me to the list, I’ll be there!

  • Yes hold a spot for me as well! I’m not sure how to register as a member

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    @HeatherRose I am unsure of how to do that, too! @arasbm do members just log into picatic? or is there a promo code? thanks!

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    @GHunter @fullmetalbuddha just did 101 last week, so probably not - ill offer 202 again in a few months, though! Sorry about that.

  • Sorry I forgot to post the promo code. If you are a member enter the code km-member and ticket will be free. Let me know if there is any issues. Thanks!
    cc @HeatherRose @300XC

  • @arasbm Just tried and the promo code works, but got the error message “purchasing is disabled on events that are not live”.

  • @300XC thanks for catching that! Event is live now.

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    Any more 101 badge holders that would take this? Jump onboard!!!

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    TONIGHT! ;)

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    @heather @300XC hey we are back in the laser bidness, due to heroic and effective action by @pierre!

    I thought i would see if we can meet and see the follow-through on the @Design-Lab shelf - check the slots, laser cut, assemble and hang.

    I was hoping to geterdun relatively soon, but it can wait a day or two if it means we finish it off together.

    Standing by

  • I’m busy Monday night, but otherwise pretty available. I have classes till 7:30 on Tuesday but am free afterwards… Or else tonight.
    Whenever is good for you guys!

  • My nights are pretty open this week. Whatever works best for everyone else if fine with me.

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    I guess we’ll need about 90 mins to get it done - maybe tomorrow (Monday) night? Tuesday is late for Heather and Weds is pretty busy with Hacknight.

    So tomorrow night at 7? Does that work? Otherwise Thursday?

    The wood is ready to go.

  • Shoot sorry I meant I’m busy Monday- but can make any other night work (although tuesday would be late)

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    @HeatherRose Thursday at 7pm it is, then! @HeatherRose @300XC

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