Laser cutter inlays (a quick test)

  • I tested out how well the laser cutter would work for doing inlays.

    Cut a test design in 5mm maple and then etched the same image in walnut. (Settings are logged in the book by the laser cutter).

    A bit of wood glue, 30 minutes clamped together, some sanding, and a few layers of clear polyurethane, and I think it looks pretty good.
    0_1473094614052_IMG_4357.JPG 0_1473094695620_IMG_4358.JPG

    Hopefully a much fancier inlay project to come.

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    @Cindos sweet!😃

  • Finally got around to doing the inlay on the box and got it’s first coat of polyurethane on. I’m still amazed at what the laser cutter can do.



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    Oh woah! It turned out really great with the inlays pieces fitted.

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    Did you mark down the settings? Or what are they? I have some similar things I want to do with solid wood inlays

  • Settings are written down in the book above the computer in the laser room. I etched and cut the exact same image so no scaling required.

  • The very shallow taper that comes from the laser focus can really work with you on these inlay parts … When we did @Caitlin-Bailey 's snowflake fan blades, she found that the parts were dove-tailed such that they only fit together one way, and the resulting gap was very small.

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    @Cindos Looks great! Good work, man.

  • @Cindos beautiful work man! And thank you so much for documenting your project and setting! :)

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