Custom veneer business cards

  • @bct I am moving the conversation about the veneer business cards here so we can keep the original laser cutter thread a little less busy. Hope you dont mind, thanks! :)

  • Id be interested in having some business cards done on thin veneer.simple design . How many cards would an hour of time get me? Ballpark is fine.
    Also what is the most efficient size of sheets should i start collecting?

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    @bct it takes about 1 hour per square foot for scanning an image onto the material. If you make a design that uses all vectors (ie the laser is instructed to cut a low-power line, instead of scanning the image) it is much faster.

    In terms of sheet size, business cards will fit on almost anything - I recommend you use scraps from the materials caddy (help yourself - we have to use them up!) beside the laser to test out different thicknesses and see what works.

    You will probably choose a 1/16" or 1/8" veneer - Windsor plywood has some good selections.

    Ill help you, if you need it.

  • 0_1473023954565_07_Cheap_Labor_Business_Card.jpg
    Something along these lines. 1/16" for sure.

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    @bct no prob. how handy are you with vector graphics?

  • I had to google it .

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    @bct if you want, email me the image you have in mind - I can help trouble shoot it and get it rolling.

  • thanks Vaughn . been working in the bush for the last week and for the next month so this is on hold for now. I am going to try to learn inkscape in the mean time.

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