Revamping a digital sign board

  • Hey everyone, needing help with a project idea here and firstly, wondering if it’s possible. The sign at my church is an old fashioned dot-matrix sortof sign that uses software that stopped being compatible with anything past windows XP so they’re looking at upgrading, but I was wondering if there might be a way to re-fit the sign with something like a raspberry pi? Ideally, the pi would have some kind of RF connection with the office a few hundred feet away, so maybe a directional wifi antenna would do the trick unless there are other options? I’d need someone to advise on this one pretty heavily. Thanks for any input you can give!

    If you want to see the sign I’m talking about, it’s the one at Kamloops Alliance Church. I’m on the maintenance staff so I get to hear about things!

  • Can you find out more information about the sign such as brand and model number? Also, would you be able to obtain a copy of the software?
    We have a similar project at the space right now, but decoding the signal is not as straight forward as we had hoped. Here are a few people I know that might be able to help:

    @n0pe @toxuin @MIPS @pierre

  • I shall see what I can do!

  • I’ve got some information for the sign finally! It’s an optec 3624-Y6, getting a copy of the software is possible. I’ve got instructions and diagrams of the service boards as well which include parts numbers for every component on the board, and the boards themselves.

    To be specific about this project, the sign still works but the wireless com link doesn’t work. Ideally, they wanted to have that fixed, but the techs they’ve called say they can fix it but offer no guarantee it’ll work.

    I was thinking if someone knows how to diagnose electronics I might be able to get them the com board, or, is there a way we can cram a small dev board inplace of the com board (like a raspberry pi) with a long range wifi link and some kind of remote dekstop setup? As long as a PC is connected to the sign’s main board with a serial cable they can change messages, it’d be ideal however to not have to take a laptop out and be able to change it from the office, which is about 500 meters away.

    board part numbers:
    Driver board: 41DR QC 0816 M ZZZ 1.1-1.1 PCB
    Main board: 41SY CC-T&R ZZZZZ 1.0

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