Project Henhives

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    Project Henhives

    @fullmetalbuddha and I have been working on a chicken coop design over the last few months and have just finished building the first prototype.


    Design Objective

    We wanted to create the ideal urban chicken coop suitable for 2 to 5 hens for small city backyard. Our design objectives are

    • Modular (can start small and expand if needed)
    • Suitable for 2 to 5 hens
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Comfortable for chickens
    • Suitable for the busy life style of urbanites
    • Flat parts of construction for easy shipping
    • Easy to assemble
    • Easy to use

    Creative process

    I did some initial sketches on paper and @fullmetalbuddha and I used those to bounce ideas around and shape the project a bit. At some point we had this sketch, which is pretty close to what we have for first prototype:


    We then created a 3D model in onshape and have been using that to iterate through design changes:


    We exported the DXF files we needed for the laser cut parts from onshape. We first cut a scale model out of poster board, and then made a scale model out of plywood.


    We plan to build a second prototype with all the feedback we have received from humans and chickens. After that we are going to build and sell 10 units to be tested in the Kamloops area this winter.

    Over the winer we will build an e-commerce website and create a company to deal with this project. We hope to rent our own space in Spring 2017 to build these coops and ship them.


    • Well Insulated
    • Active or passive ventilation
    • Automatic door
    • Easy to access nest boxes
    • Cleaning door


    We are actively looking for feedback and use that to modify our design for the second prototype. So far we have taken the henhive to the following events:

    • Pinantan country fair in August 2016 (First showing)
    • Red barn agricultural market in August 2016
    • Kamloops Farmers Market in September 2016
    • Kamloops food policy council. September 7th, 2016



  • Just want to update everyone that the City of Kamloops has purchased a henhive and they are going to raffle it off at their urban hen workshop this Monday and Tuesday:



    If things keep moving forward with this momentum, @fullmetalmaker and I will soon have to start looking for a wood shop space to rent. :smile:

    If you are interested in keeping hens, I would highly recommend attending this workshop.

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    @arasbm Awesome! Good work, guys.

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