When would be a good time to come in?

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    I had a great time last night and big thanks to Vaughn for helping me use the Laser cutter to cut out the parts of my Iris project. I have got some more materials for it but lack to proper tools to cut and assemble. So when would be a good time to come by and get help with the laser cutter and things?
    Kyle Rankin

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    @Krankin Weds are always good and there is usually someone at the building from late morning to evening most days. @Chainmaildave @fullmetalbuddha @arasbm

    If you want, we can schedule something, too. I like your project and would help you more if you need it!

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    Ok cool, I’m open tomorrow night and all weekend, and pretty flexible most other days, so if you want to help out over the next few days, that would be great, First Iris goes to the makerspace

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    Dont forget to sign into this forum and check for the “Space is OPEN” button on the top of the main page. it only visible if you’re signed in and our key-holders are really good about using that feature to alert members that the doors are open for them to drop by.

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    @fullmetalbuddha Yeah, I noticed that. I was wondering if that is what that was for. Glad to have confirmation.

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