Panel Saw

  • Long term project: I’ve wanted a panel saw for a long time. Because breaking down sheet stock is a pain in the ass.

    I have some epoxy coated (very smooth, weatherproof) fence post to make the long tracks for this one:

    I think we could laser cut the runners to make bearings ride the pipe, and the carriage to hold the saw in two positions. My feeling is that a counterweight would be easier to tune than the springs to hold the saw in place vertically.

    The proposal I’m going with is to build the frame to mount to the wood shop fire escape stairs, so you can unload sheets from the back of your truck, break it down in the parking lot, and either take it upstairs to the wood shop or directly to the laser cutter.

    I’ll pull the full text of the article and post it up here.

  • Design Lab

    @pierre Not sure if it would suit, but there is an old drafting arm/rail system hanging up in the Design Lab - maybe the hardware would work for this? I cant see using it for its traditional use, and I am tired of packing it around!

    Check it out, if you like.

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