Grubbing around in Linux

  • Help! The latest updates to Suse killed my bootloader. Does anyone know Grub well enough to help me fix it? (Google and my very limited knowledge haven’t managed so far)

  • I can probably make it work. You around this evening?

  • That would be great. I’ll be in around 7.

  • I like to keep a copy of this around to deal with these situations:

  • Tried several methods… can’t get a decent write to the master boot record. Trying a new drive, since apparently this one is pretty old.

  • @pierre Thanks again for your efforts. I bought a new hard drive today. If I can impose on you further, could you help me transfer stuff from the old drive sometime?

  • Sounds good to me. I should be at the space most of the day.

    Actually, this isn’t quite accurate. Though it feels that way!
    Thanks Pierre for all the time you spent getting my laptop back on its feet!!!
    I just installed the latest version of SUSE and that took care of all the GRUB issues. I can boot into two operating systems again.

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