Lilypad boards

  • I’m interested in starting a project with a lilypad board, does anyone here have any experience with these or information or what types or models are superior?

  • Lily pad are mostly used as wearables. It really depends on what your application is.

  • This is just basics.
    There are many boards. Many companies produce their own.
    Attiny, mega 168/328, mega, due.

  • I have never used lilypad, but it looks pretty cool. If you are looking for small form factor, you could also use a pro mini or a nano. I can lend you a pro mini if you want to experiment with it while you are waiting for the Lilypad.

  • I’m planning to use it as a heart rate/modified pedometer for my horse. The ones commercially available are really expensive but it seems an easy enough gadget to rig up myself… I’ll have to play with the code and such to tailor it but I’m comfortable with that, need guidance on the hardware aspects though.

  • @HeatherRose cool project! Do you plan to only display the information or do you also need to store them on a SD card?

    @toxuin was recently talking about how awesome it is to interface with a bluetooth or wifi module with a custom phone app. Have you considered that?

  • @arasbm ideally I would like it to just send the data to my phone via wifi, but am not actually in service when I ride at home- so I will need to store the data somehow

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