Craftorium Updates

  • Director

    Hello everybody!

    I have been meaning to post an update on the @Craftorium so everyone is up to speed.

    For those of you who don’t know, the @Craftorium is located on the 3rd floor across from the @Design-Lab and is a space for people who want to work on delicate projects like sewing, knitting/crochet, fine jewellery, needle crafts, bead projects (Perler and otherwise), paper crafts, and various other arts and crafts. We would like to open the space up for people wanting to learn to sew and craft, and hope to offer seminars. I have brought in my 2 machines and am have one more to bring. @Chainmaildave has several machines as well, but I am not sure if they will be available for use. We also have some fundraising opportunities lined up through @Nicholas and others to help fund the expansion into another room.

    We currently have one large desk (donated by @MIPS), the beautiful industrial Singer (restored by @tinfoilknight and @fullmetalbuddha, which I hope to use this week and christen it!!), a bookshelf from the basement, and an assortment of wheelie office chairs. @Vaughn has graciously offered to help us put up some more shelving and I have designed the cubby system we would like. We require 5 sheets of 3/4" plywood to complete these (@arasbm has donated $60 towards the purchase of this wood, if anyone else would like to pitch in or has some extra laying around it would be greatly appreciated). Thanks as well to @tinfoilknight, @fullmetalbuddha, and @Chainmaildave for installation and moving help (heavy stuff is heavy).

    Today I purchased a folding table, and we would like to replace 2 of the office chairs with 3 folding chairs, as the wheelies take up too much room (again if anyone has some kicking around they don’t use we would appreciate it). The folding table will be available for taking to the Farmers Market or if anyone wants to borrow it for an event, let me know!

    We have opted to leave the door on the room in order to be able to close it if we are doing fittings for clothes/costumes that we produce.

    As well, I would like to put the word out that we are accepting donations of crafting/sewing supplies and storage devices (thanks @Chainmaildave for the bolts of fabric!). We potentially have a filing cabinet coming for storing patterns and paper products, and we are looking for totes and baskets to store fabric and wool.

    If anyone has any questions about the @Craftorium please let me know!! Happy Crafting!

  • I am so proud of this development – great work everyone!

    @megan-fenkhuber this post would make a great press release too. I suggest contacting Jeniffer from CBC whenever you think you are ready to give her a tour. I am sure they would love to cover this story! :)

  • Design Lab

    I pitched in $45 for 3/4" good one side plywood. Thank you to @arasbm for the donation - the original 3/4" I secured for this shelving got used for members boxes!

    We can use the 2x4 and 2x6 in the woodshop for support. I have a bucket of 2.5" screws.

    I will make two 2’x8’ shelves (one for the design lab and one for the craftorium) and an L-shaped shelf for the craftorium, as per Craftorium @megan-fenkhuber specs.

    I need two sheets of 3/4" for this.

    In addition, I intend to make a leaning 2x4 ladder (like a library shelf ladder) of the right length, and we can hang that maybe in the hall for all 4 studios to use?

    The person at Home Hardware (Halston) to talk to is the owner Sandra about Makerspace discount - I would definitely call ahead and make arrangements to get a special invoice made by her - I do not know if you can just belly up to the counter at Contracting or Service and get the Makerspace discount!

  • Design Lab

    Kevin and I cut the first batch of wood for the Craftorium shelves - the pieces are now on the table in the woodshop. Thanks for the help, Kevin!

    Next for this:

    I would recommend sanding the corners and edges of the wood with 60 grit sand paper (or an orbital with 60g on it). This will ensure a half decent finish and no fabric-catching slivers.

    Recommend painting or at least clear-coating everything prior to assembly and install. Its just easier to do it on a table than on a wall.

    We need to find the studs in the walls - recommend getting above the paneling and using nails to zero in on one, then project 16"centers and test again. Mark a vertical line on the wall showing the center of the stud.

    Pre-drill the holes in the uprights for the wall mount to ensure optimal strength when installed.

    Pre- assemble the gusset and 2"x 2"" uprights - use 1.5" screws. Ensure upright end is flush with top of gusset.

    Install the gussets into the pre-marked studs at appropriate height using 3.5" screws- ensue there is 20" of clearance from top shelf to ceiling (for tall totes).

    Chuck the 2’x8’ shelf on the top of the gussets - secure shelf to gusset.

    Determine exact shape and height of L-shaped shelf - jigsaw/skilsaw.

    Install 1x2 supports into gussets at L-shaped shelf height and middle shelf height (unknown at this time).

    Chuck the L-shaped shelf in - secure shelf to gusset.

    OK, theres the rundown - could a Crafty Crafter ala Craftorium do the sanding and coating of the wood?