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  • At the last meeting we were talking about asset tags and tracking our tools. Here is their protospace wiki.
    Is there anyone who can copy/paste their wiki design into a new site? They have a well thought out wiki structure for their operation and I think it would suit us to clone it as a starting point.

  • I really like their wishlist. A running list of what the members want would be useful to have.

  • That looks like a great idea.
    I’d also been thinking about maintaining a list of tools and books that members would be willing to lend. Froth instance, we have a loom and a steam-bending box we don’t want to donate permanently to the Makerspace, but would happily lend them to a members who needed them for a project.

  • @tinfoilknight I created a special category for the list of tools. and then created a subcategory for each shop/room at the space. From that page you can choose where a tool is at the space and post a new topic to that category.

    Although I am a big fan of wiki and have used them a lot in the past, I think this is a much more accessible and flexible solution than a wiki.

    How to add a tool

    Lets say we want to add the cast iron pan in the kitchen. First go to the list of tools, from there select the kitchen category and start a new topic. The trick is, to choose a thumbnail image for the tool, so instead of your avatar, everyone would see the picture of the tool. Here is how you set the thumbnail image:


    Hit browse and select a reasonable sized thumbnail for the cast iron.

    Start the body of the post with an image of the tool. You can drag and drop an image into the post (if you get an error, try resizing the picture to 900px wide).

    Then you can write a the specs of the tool and any important information about using it.

    Once you post it will look like this:


    What next?

    Once we have a good list of tools developed @toxuin and I or anyone else interested in hacking the forum can spend a couple of days making the list look more beautiful.

    I recommend using a PC instead of a mobile phone to post for now. Although posting from phone works, it is still a bit buggy.

    I hope a lot of people will use these new categories to document our tools, so one person does not have to do all the work.

    Cheers! :smile:

  • I just add a link to this new category on the navigation bar:


  • Could you add another sub category called instructions? The instruction manual you made would be better at the top of that category. We should add the template they gave so that the information we gather is consistent.

  • @tinfoilknight done! And I moved your post there and modified it a bit. Feel free to further edit the instructions. Thanks! :)

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