Laser cut Iris build

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    It’s finished. Big thanks to everyone who helped out.

  • Looks great, man. What material did you end up using for the shutters? A bit hard to tell from the photos.

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    @n0pe I found a sheet of 0.79mm birch plywood at Michael’s.

  • Looks awesome, nicely done!

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    @arasbm Thank you. I’ll be bringing it in this Wednesday. There is one last piece that i would like to add onto it that would allow it to be mounted to a wall and used as a picture frame.

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    @Krankin nice one, Kyle! I look forward to seeing it on Weds. We need a huge one of these hanging in the Lounge ;)

  • @Vaughn with a group photo of makerspace members in front of the building in it! :smile:

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    actually we need one to close off the exhaust vent in the Fab booth! but we can make another one to hang on the wall too. :)

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    @fullmetalmaker What is the dimensions of the exhaust vent? i could get started on a modified design tomorrow when i’m in-between classes.

  • We have an account at a Vancouver company called PM Hansen ( They are a hobby/toy wholesaler, and they carry a decent selection of thin plywoods, etc. I get 40-50% off the list prices shown, and I would be happy to buy materials and pass along at cost. I’m not sure how this compares to local sources, but let me know if there is any interest.

    Brian B

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    @BrianB I’d definetly be interested in discount material. Especially for blade material. Michaels prices in town are not friendly.

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    Id be curious to see how thin of a sheet of acrylic we can source locally to make the blades out of, that or polypropylene.

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    @fullmetalmaker Some experimentation with materials could definitely be arranged

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    @BrianB I’d chuck $40 at some interesting veneers for experimentation. Get back at me if this is possible!

  • Sure. Have a look at the pmhansen site and see what you want. It looks like our cost is 50% of the pricing listed. I have also emailed an inquiry to our plastics supplier to see about thinner (less than 1/8") ABS. Plastic can be quite reasonable in 4 x 8 sheets.

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    @BrianB thanks for the link and the info but keep in mind that we can’t laser cut ABS or PVC (they burst into flames and produce toxic, possibly lethal fumes that will also corrode the machine) Thats why acrylic or polypropylene are the materials of choice.

  • We were told that PVC was a bad idea but that ABS was fine. We use it quite a lot. It stinks, but it doesn’t burn, and the cut quality is decent. We typically worry more about flame with wood than plastic. I did find a couple of online references that say not to cut ABS, but many other say it’s OK. I will check with Epilog tomorrow.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here’s the response from Epilog Laser:

    Thank you for your inquiry. ABS is a compatible material with the Epilog laser in that
    it doesn’t release or contain chlorinated gasses. Materials containing / release chlorinated
    gasses are the only materials that should be avoided and can void your warranty.
    Laser cutting any material will create some sort of fumes, smoke or particulates so as long as
    a proper ventilation system is installed, it’s safe for the operator.

    There are many plastics that work with the Epilog. However, some work better than others. Some
    simply melt or discolor, others engrave and/or cut nicely. First things first, get the MSDS from
    supplier and make sure chlorinated gasses aren’t released when material is “burned”. If no
    chlorinated gasses are present, the material is safe for testing.

  • My cost on ABS:

    1/8 x 4’ x 8’ = $47
    .060 x 4’ x 8’ = $24

    plus shipping from Vancouver. I usually get it pre-cut into 2’ x 4’ sheets.

  • @BrianB I find it interesting that the MSDS for ABS says that burning it produces cyanide, but Epilog does not see that as a problem.

    Maybe they seal and filter their machine much better than ours.

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