TREK and FOUR DIRECTIONS High Schools visit

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    Hello all,

    We have an opportunity to have both Thompson Rivers Education Centre and Four Directions High Schools do separate one hour field trips to the MakerSpace in conjunction with my work for the Arts Councils ‘Crossing Bridges’ Artist Outreach programme.

    The idea would be for the the two schools to visit for an hour or two, separately (maybe one school in the morning, one in the afternoon), get a demo or two (laser, vinyl 3D printer?), and I will do some preliminary prep of their projects as a demo, too. (They need cutout wood shapes to paint as part of their project with me at the schools). It would make for an interesting break from the school, show the kids the space, wow em with a demo or two and generally build community.

    The idea is just forming and no commitment has been made, but it looks like a good idea. Probably around October 5-11.

    Anybody have any feedback, concerns, etc? Shoot em back to me, and we’ll see if this works.

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    sounds great, count me in to host tours and maybe run some demos of the machines

  • @Vaughn sounds great! I will likely be there and do a demo of some sort. Not sure what yet. Thanks!

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    I’ll update this thread with timing when it solidifies - probably mid next week.

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    It looks like we will have Four Directions School (4D) visiting on the 4th of October and Thompson River Education Center (TREC) on Oct 11th. Times have not been set, but I would like to have a few demos running - laser cutter, vinyl cutter, 3D printer.
    I can setup the laser and vinyl, but will need some help getting the 3D printer running with a simple job.
    @fullmetalmaker @arasbm @Chainmaildave

  • @Vaughn Those are both on a Tuesday. If it is after 5pm I can make it. I can run a demo on the 3020.

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    Im also booked on the 4th during the day but I’ll gladly run some demos and guide tours on the 11th. any idea what time of day they’ll be here?

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    Just wanted to add some notes about the 4D tour that happened yesterday.

    They came in a school bus that stopped right on Victoria St. with flashers on and let them off. This seemed to work pretty well, except for running a gauntlet of mouthy New Life Mission clients that have taken to palavering beside our building.

    It was a large group - 27 kids and 5 adults. We split them into groups, one group doing a laser demo cutting small boxes which they then assembled in the lounge, the other group doing a vinyl cutting demo or their names which they weeded and premasked.

    As usual, @Chainmaildave and @fullmetalmaker saved the day - helping to clean up, run demos and keep us rolling. @Ron_Ron looked clever working on a robot arm, too.

    I cancelled the planned woodshop part, as the woodshop is wholly taken up by the mess and activity of a maker that is working on a project. (I am hoping that situation improves when his project is done).

    Lessons learned:
    -groups of no more than ten
    -2 adults with each group
    -workshops need to be left in a reasonable condition for these things to work

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    There will be a visit by TREC students this Tuesday Oct 11 at about 10am. Only about 5 students this time, so I should be able to handle it myself, if there are no other Makers around. Feel free to do a demo for them, though, if you have time and inclination.


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