Peachy Printer Demo - Sept 14th

  • Hi everyone !

    I will be dropping off a small donation and I thought it would be weird to just “donate and dash” so…

    I’ll bring my Peachy Printer and do a quick demo !
    This will **NOT **be an actual print but you will get to see the printer and software in action using glow paper rather than resin.

    Also, you can check out my “blog” (a forum thread really) about my experiences so far with the Peachy Printer on the 3D Print Board forum “Delivery No.1 - Build blog of the first V1.0 Peachy Printer in the Wild”.

    I will see you tonight at about 6:15ish :-)


  • Awesome. Looking forward to it!

  • Design Lab

    @Jason Darn it! I missed this somehow… great Hack Night though!

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