WOODSHOP upgrade & clean-up

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    It looks like the momentum is building to clean, organize and upgrade the woodshop. We are having a bit of a logjam in there as we digest tools, do projects and use it. @Chainmaildave , @dirk and I just spent 30 minutes cleaning up in there. Frankly, we would rather use our time for projects and not cleaning up after other Makers.

    Hit List:

    -Build one more 2’x8’ work bench, place along wall where CNC router is now.

    -Move CNC router machine, install new steppers @fullmetalmaker

    -TABLE SAWS - Remove toy table saw (whose is this? it got moved upstairs until its owner takes it away) and decide which of the two remaining table saws shall be the ONE table saw we use. We do not have enough room in there for two (or three!) table saws.

    -Make lower shelf between the new work bench and the old one for the ONE chop saw - this will create a continuous work table along the west wall of over 24’. If it is done right, the fence for the little router table and the chopsaw will align.

    -CHOPSAWS - we need to install ONE good chopsaw onto the new lower shelf between the work benches and either store or remove the other two. The massive chopsaw of Antons (dont know his user name) needs to either find a home other than the middle of a workbench or be removed.

    -Finish RADIAL ARM rebuild/install - what is the status of this?

    -Make on 2’x8’ shelf capable of carrying heavy stuff like unused tools - install above new workbench?

    As well, it appears that we need to emphasize the importance of cleaning up after-yourself, replacing tools and generally leaving the space in a condition that allows others to enjoy it. Please allow enough time for cleaning up after yourself each time.

  • @Vaughn thanks for taking the initiative!

    I am almost certain the toy table saw was a donation to the space. The small cast iron one belongs to Pierre and Ashley and the big one has been fully donated to the space by Anthon. If someone wants to take a few pictures of the toy table saw and put it up for sale on kijiji for cheap, that would probably be the best way to get rid of it. A couple extra chop saws may also be sold that way to raise a bit of money for the space.

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    Maybe we can organize a work party for saturday? even just a few people to help move materials around and load scraps into my truck would be great.

    • I’ll pitch in to move the CNC router table and get to work upgrading it as soon as I source new stepper motors. this would also open up room for the new bench.

    –I believe @Nicholas brought in the Ryobi table saw, though I’m not sure if it was donated to the space, maybe he can shed some light on this?
    -Anton is going to move his large chopsaw up to the henhive shop ASAP and he doesn’t have an account on the forum… as for the other saws, maybe those could get a tune up and go on Kijiji with the proceeds going into the tool fund?
    -Radial Arm Saw: I’ve contacted @DCHydro about helping to reassemble the saw (he helped take it apart and setup the electrolysis to de-rust parts of it) and am waiting to hear back from him.

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    OK, good stuff - lets get this done, or at least take a major swing at, it Saturday.
    How about 10am to 2pm?

    Anton needs to be informed of this AND needs to be trained on the Forum (we talked about it, could someone please do it??) If he is going to be full on at the Space, he needs to access that information.

    @fullmetalmaker yes, lets get that other corner cleaned out and move the router while it is down, anyway - this is going to work wonders for the flow of the shop! Its a bit of a can of worms, but we can deal.

    @Bradley-Maker - can you make this? Need your approval/blessing/input on this, although it isnt rocket science what we want to do. Let us know? And thanks for all your deadly work in there already.

    Re: chopsaw and toy table saw - yes, lets Kajiji a bunch of stuff (@Nicholas has been informed - he’s good on it) - we can determine what those things are (and ensure we aren’t selling something that should not be sold) on Saturday. LOVE the idea of dedicating tool sales income to the new TOOL FUND (@arasbm - are we going to have a new bank account dedicated to that, please?)

    Re: New work bench - this is key to the reorg - Im gonna get a 3/4" sheet for it and bring it Saturday. It is crucial that we leave the under-side open (no shelf like the other two) to roll tools under it, like the new jointer, vaccuum, etc.

    @ashley and @pierre - we will need to evacuate unused tools (the Rockwell table saw and extra radial arms come to mind) - let me or tyler know what we can do to help make that happen.

    OK, I dont mean to be all barkin’ orders and shit, but lets get this done! Thank you for your patience and good humour ;)

    @tinfoilknight @DCHydro @Wood-Worker @Chainmaildave @Krankin

    Please tag/inform anyone else I missed?

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    @fullmetalmaker @Vaughn

    I’m in for saturday. I should be able to have the radial completely assembled and ready for power sat.

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    @DCHydro music to my ears…music I tell ya!!!

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    @Vaughn ya I do have to apologise for not having this done sooner. And FYI I have the 36inch drum sander complete and was thinking I’d bring it in…any thought on this? I’ve tested and used it multiple times and is working nicely!

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    @DCHydro lets see a photo and dimensions of the sander, for starters? I think we need to digest what we have in front of us and get it running smoothly in there.

    All the slat and peg board needs organization, too, into separate sections for measuring and layout, clamping, tools and bits.

    its a killer space - just needs another full court press to make it excellent for the fall/winter project maaaaaadnesssssss.

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    @Vaughn Yeah i could help out this Saturday

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    Alright it looks like we have the peeps to do this tomorrow - see you about 10am and we shall give that woodshop a boost in the pants.

    I have the 3/4" ply to do a new bench for the wall.

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    MIssion: Accomplished - special props to @Bradley-Maker and Fin, @DCHydro @fullmetalmaker @Krankin @Anton for the effort upgrading the WoodShop - looks great, boys!

    0_1474180536955_woodshop sept 2016.jpg

    0_1474180673591_woodshop 2 sept 2016.jpg

    0_1474180680955_woodshop 3 sept 2016.jpg

  • @Vaughn I’m going to say Wow. Good job guys.

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    Let’s not forget @Vaughn for his major contributions in this endevour and the countless other selfless acts. And this could not have been possible without the @Bradley-Maker s helper Finnegin!

  • Awesome work everyone! Sorry I could not be there to help.

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    Haha, yeah Finnegan was great. Thanks everybody for creating a good environment for him to chip in and have some fun! He did have a blast.

    It was a fun and successful endeavor.

    If I can manage to get in a good sleep, I’ll be in the shop a bunch over the next few days getting a sense for next steps in the shop to keep the momentum going.

    Based on what comes to mind just now, the big things to nail down are:

    • Designing a dust collection system and then shopping around for materials donation/sponsorship
      • There is a taiwanese dual bag collector at work that is unused. On my list at work is to go through the entire shop full of all kinds of random tools and materials left by the old operation and brought with the new business that inhabits it and do an inventory. I have my eye on that dust collector to come to the space…
    • Designing a waste processing plan, and the infrastructure to go with it.
      • Bins for small plywood, blocks, “nice blocks” and offcuts shorter than 2’.
        • we keep the bins full for use, and when they overflow it goes OUT
      • Until we get a dust collection system, a system for dealing with saw dust
    • Getting tools all hanging or in drawers in “their place”, and a group of strongmen to make sure they go back home
    • Getting the shopsmith accesories finally stored properly and accessibly
    • Building some member storage
      • The best plan in the limited space so far is to build cubbies up high in between or perhaps in front of the windows around the entire shop eventually
      • building one more rack for sheet goods that belong to a specific person or project, not sure where we can squeeze that…but we will
    • getting signage on the walls for safety, waste processing and storage protocols. @Vaughn I’m looking in your direction…obviously

    Thanks for the inspiration everybody!

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    @Bradley-Maker regarding the waste…keep in mind I haven’t approached them…but the mill where I buy rough lumber from “trout creek” has just installed a pellet mill to deal with all of their scrap and waste. I could ask if we could dump our waste every so often.

    On another note…I’m starting to build hollow wood paddles so any clear cedar anyone knows about would be awesome…it can be rough, and pieces 6’ or small stuff to for the blades

    Thx guys

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    @Vaughn Hhhmmm…something looks different…I just can’t put my finger on it…

    Maybe we should put a cam up there and do timelapse photography…lol.

    Kinda discouraging.

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    Yeah, not feelin’ this either. We had an Open House today and this was the condition the woodshop had been left in. #fail

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