Plastics orders anyone?

  • I am heading to Vancouver for a couple of days and will stop by at least one of the plasticworks locations. I will pick up a sheet of 3mm acrylic for myself. They can cut it into 3 equal pieces which is perfect for fitting into both laser cutter and my truck.

    Let me know if you would like some acrylic or other plastics or related supplies. Please be specific (size, thickness and if they can be cut down). I should be back on Saturday.

  • So far I’v only got an order from @Ron_Ron . I am going to hit the store tomorrow (Friday). Let me know by tomorrow morning if you want anything.

  • Design Lab

    @arasbm Yep, Ill take a sheet of 3mil transparent black (a tinted look).

  • Member

    How much would a 3mm sheet of acrylic cost?

  • Metal

    I’m looking for one sheet of 3mm translucent orange acrylic (or opaque if its significantly cheaper), cut into 3 even sheets (48"x32" i believe)

    Also, could you price out some ABS too? either 0.03" or 3/32" thickness (for thermo and vac forming in the future)

  • Plastic Works says $48 for a sheet of 1/8" black arena board. If you have not hit the place yet, I’d take one. I’d take any piece of <$20 delrin rod too, that stuff is handy to turn in the lathe if you need to make bushings or spacers to repair stuff.

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