Lantern Festival

  • I am meeting with Lorel Sternig from Kamloops Arts council on Thursday September 29th at 11am. Anyone interested is more than welcome to join us! :)

    Hi Aras,
    Just touching base about this year’s Lantern Festival. So far we are looking at the following dates for workshops to be held at the Lansdowne Village space :

    1. Family friendly lantern workshops three Thursday afternoons, Nov 10, Nov 17 and Nov 24 (parade is on 24th). Free workshops with some kits able to be purchased. We have a bunch of tiny lantern lights from last year that will be fine for smaller lanterns and last year we charged 50 cents per light to recoup costs.
    2. Adult workshops: Saturdays Nov 12 parasol workshop and Nov 19 hat workshop, with a fee charged to cover the materials.
      I’m wondering if Makerspace is interested in hosting some more tech savvy workshops, either at the Lansdowne Space or at Makerspace? Or would one of your facilitators be interested in helping some of our participants to light their lanterns on Nov 21? We can work the cost for supplies and an honorarium for the facilitator into the fee for some of the more elaborate lanterns or kits.

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