Modifications to a horizontal bandsaw

  • I am always trying to cut smaller parts than the vise on my bandsaw wants to hold comfortably so I built these attachments.

    The first one is just a metal plate with a couple of threaded holes to allow a hold down clamp to grip smaller parts, the plate is then held in the bandsaw vise. The plate is actually sitting on top of the vise for this picture.


  • The lower blade guide already had threaded holes for what I’m guessing was a commercial table so the saw could be used in vertical mode. I cut a plate and drilled to match the current holes, works great for cutting down stock to layout lines prior to milling.


  • Nice mods. I like the table.

    I did something similar to the plate with hold downs, but I put my small milling vise on it:

  • I like the depth stop you made, project number three for my bandsaw now, thank you.


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