Unofficial preliminary Job Posting

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    For those in the know, I’ve been working my ass off to land a potentially very good job running a woodshop in westsyde.

    It’s looking very promising that this goes through. We are on the verge of landing a couple of big contracts that would see us being extremely busy, and with a tight turn around on first orders. I’ll be ramping up a low production shop into a high-production, well-staffed operation in a matter of weeks.

    I may have a few people to hire over the next few weeks and months. At this point nothing is in stone, these jobs do not yet exist, neither does a budget for wages. But I’d like to get a head start on mining the KM community for potential candidates.

    If you are interested in

    • working from the ground floor in a very fast growing woodshop
    • Learning about woodworking on the job
    • have woodworking skills you want to put to good use
    • working for a company on a trajectory towards modern CNC installations and innovative processes and products
    • Working in a very open, egalitarian, educational, fun work environment where your viewpoint and opinion matters
    • and of course working hard, remaining positive in the face of challenges, working well as part of a team, and SHOWING UP TO WORK…

    Then please get in touch.

    Resume?..absolutely. But I’m most interested in getting to know you a bit, having a chat about why we will be good for each other, and potentially working together a bit at the space to get an idea of your competency.

    Also, I may need a couple of people for a single day of work on Oct 4. If anybody is interested in a single day of work, that would be a good foot in the door for a potential full time job (or not if you aren’t interested in a full time job), either message me here, or better yet, find my number on the wall at the space and give me a call.

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    I would definitely be interested, My skills are more towards the Drafting and design aspect, but I am interested in expanding my skills in woodworking.

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    Love the iris hanging on the wall! I think that was you correct?

    I’ll be around the space mornings and evenings a bunch this weekend, or let me know when you will be around next week. I think you are around on hack nights right? Let’s be sure to bump into each other soon.

    And we have a CAD designer on staff currently. However, having those skilled at drawings and design is good…as its a weak point of mine.

    Feel free to steal my number off the wall and give me a call.

  • Congratulations Brad! That sounds like an awesome opportunity for you and fellow makers in our community.

  • If you want to farm anything out i will bid. Nearly 4000 sq ft. Fully equipt for custom and small production.

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