Very thin plywood

  • Some folks were here looking to laser a flexible project out of very thin plywood, and we showed them the scraps of 0.8mm ply that were left when @Krankin cut the leaves out for the iris… I think he got a 1’ by 2’ sheet at Michaels for about $17…

    This is the website printed on the back of the scrap of ply.

    I went looking for other sources… Lee valley has some 0.8mm 25"x25" is $32.50/sheet $27.60/sheet if you buy three.

    These guys have 4x4’ sheets of 0.8mm for $44, they also have sheets of 0.4mm for $80/sheet, expensive, but it amazes me that they are getting 3 plys of birch into 0.4mm of thickness.

    They’re in Ontario but will do free shipping on a $500 order. Which is 7 sheets of 0.4mm.

  • Updated source:

    Amazon has 0.8mm 6"x12" pieces (much smaller but might be good for your project if that is big enough…

    Pack of 6 pieces for $30.

    A 6-pack of 6"x12" 0.4mm for $54:

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    I know @BrianB mentioned he has an account at a craft shop down in the lower mainland that he can get a 40% to 50% discount at. They do offer the same type of thin plywood that i used for much cheaper and at discount i worked it out to cost about $5 per 1/32" x 12"x 24" sheet. This is the site:

  • Good find @Krankin . I just got the hobby shop on the north shore and they don’t have any ply thinner than 1/8" their thin stuff is all balsa. I’m going to bring in a sample of the 0.8 though and see if they are interested in stocking it.

  • I looked through the PMHansen site, and my costs are shown below (about 1/2 of their suggested retail). If I missed any listings let me know. I can add any of this to my next order and I will cover the shipping.

    PLY 1/16X12X24 BIRCH PLYWOOD (3-PLY) $12.35
    PLY 3/32X12X24 BIRCH PLYWOOD (5-PLY) $19.45
    PLY 1/8X12X24 BIRCH PLYWOOD (3-PLY) $9.08
    PLY 3/16X12X24 BIRCH PLYWOOD (4-PLY) $10.31
    PLY 1/4X12X24 BIRCH PLYWOOD (5-PLY) $12.20

    MID5240 Birch Plywood 1/64x12x24 (.4mm) $15.35
    MID5241 Birch PLywood 1/32x12x24 (.8mm) $8.26
    MID5242 Birch Plywood 1/16x12x24 (1.5mm) $12.66
    MID5243 Birch Plywood 3/32x12x24 (2.5mm) $15.56
    MID5244 Birch Plywood 1/8x12x24 (3mm) $15.60
    MID5245 Birch Plywood 3/16x12x24 $6.47

    MID5480 Birch Plywood 1/64x12x48 (.4mm) $28.53
    MID5481 Birch Plywood 1/32x12x48 (.8mm) $18.52
    MID5482 Birch Plywood 1/16x12x48 (1.5mm) $26.17
    MID5483 Birch Plywood 3/32x12x48 (2.5mm) $24.17

  • PLY 1/64X12X24 BIRCH PLYWOOD (3-PLY) $22.57
    PLY 1/32X12X24 BIRCH PLYWOOD (3-PLY) $12.72

  • That’s incredible @BrianB I’m envisioning what some of the inlay projects would look like with Cherry and Rosewood accents…

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    Ok then. This changes some things.

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    @Krankin this is the thread about specialty plywood

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    I have contacted Nissiwood about getting a sample of their thin plywood. the sample will be for their business cards but it the 0.4-0.8 mm’s thicknesses, so similar stuff to what i use in the Iris blades (those are around 0.8 mm)

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    @Krankin I’d order $40 of something nice to add to my stack of materials. If its on let me know and Ill email you $

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    @Vaughn I was thinking of putting in an order for 1/32" X 12" X 24" of some walnut. They do have a minimum order of 20 sheets which ends up around $150. at ~$8/ sheet. If you want to pitch in, I would be more than willing to put in an order.
    Edit: I think their pricing are in USD so when you convert the prices, it will be closer to $200 to have 20 sheets shipped over. There is discount for ordering in bulk, but that would be qualities of 100 sheets or more.

    I also have some offcuts of 3mm Meranti from Brad’s Woodshop. I can bring them in with me on Thursday.

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    I’d be in for some sheets, I’d like to do more inlays.

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    ok, cool. i’ll put in the order then. Message me if you want a few sheets, and we’ll arrange payment details.
    edit: The full order came to $235 for the 20 sheets of Walnut. That comes to $11.75 per sheet.

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    @Krankin @Vaughn are either of you at the space tomorrow?

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    @DCHydro i wasnt planning on it, but i could drop by. Why?

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    @DCHydro yes

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    Was thinking we could do up an order and try and get a a big enough order.

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    @DCHydro I just put in one for 20 sheets. Do you think that wont be enough?

  • i found very thin scraps of ply on in the Mt Paul industrial area where it is used in shipping. They were happy to have me take it away. There is also a gazebo/deck manufacturer that puts out tons of scrap–in this case non-ply, and they are also happy to have you take it away. Let me know if anyone wants to meet for me to show you these places.

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