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    I had a refrigerator given to me (actually, I stopped a friend from taking it to the landfill because I have hopes I can fix it) that is much nicer than the one I currently have. Only problem is, it doesn’t make cold. I have done some troubleshooting on it and think I have it narrowed down to the start relay, but am hoping somebody here will be able to confirm my diagnosis.

    Here is what I know so far:
    When I adjust the temperature control the fans run, so this indicates that the thermostat and the fans are working.

    There is ~130V measured at the electrical lead going into the start device.

    There is continuity across the compressor windings. Between pairs of pins there is approx 5, 6, and 11 ohms. This seems to indicate that at least electrically, the compressor is ok.

    I removed the start device and seperated the start capacitor from the relay. When ohming out the start capacitor the resistance climbs rapidly then goes infinite. This indicates the start capacitor is ok.

    There is no continuity between any of the pins on the start relay. This indicates a problem.
    I have taken the relay apart as you can see in the photo.
    Is there a way to ohm out the board to try to isolate/find the broken component?

    I would really like to be able to replace a capacitor/resistor/transistor instead of the whole device.
    The whole assembly is about $80 with shipping from a preliminary search.

    One item on the circuit board that I am thinking may be a problem is the rectangular blue item. It appears to be a Pilkor suppression capacitor from my googling. The part number is WK0724. Should I be able to test this like a electrolytic cap, measuring the resistance rise and it finally maxing out at infinite? Because right now it always measures infinite, regardless of which way I orient the multimeter leads.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Some part numbers from the device:
    Start Relay Assembly - W10136414
    circuit board inside the relay assembly - 193525049
    Transistor on circuit board - LT7242 T12M5T
    Capacitor (?) on board - Pilkor WK0724
    0_1474836783230_Whirlpool Fridge Start Relay.jpg

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    Update: After more tinkering I reassembled the start device and just for curiosity retested for continuity across the pins that connect to the compressor. For some reason this time there was continuity between two pins (all I did with it apart was probe a few points, and give it a few good shakes to check for rattling/loose components as suggested by some online info). With this new turn of events I decided to plug it back in and see what would happen. Now the compressor starts and runs, but still does not make much cold. I removed some cover plates and found the coils in the evaporator get slightly cold, but not even close to frosting things up. When I unplug the fridge I can hear the refrigerant equalizing in the lines so that seems to indicate that the compressor is doing its job. I am now thinking the issue is low refrigerant. I have started looking into the parts required to fit a service port and will hopefully be able to attempts a recharge soon.

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