Haunted House Planning 2016

  • @Nicholas, @Vaughn and I went to the old courthouse on Saturday, to get a feel for the option of using it to do the haunted house this year.

    There are 100 or so pictures I took of things that interested me about the location…

    I have high-res versions if there is anything you want to get a closer look at.

    I plan to do more detailed “areas” as I find time to sort and organize the pictures, but we discussed having a themed house, where the areas lead from one to another, telling a horrifying story… Grabbing Nick, and a random “accomplice” from a group of 15 or so people entering the building (we need several changes of jacket to keep Nick from getting recognized as a shill…) walk them through the prison, some grisly crime scenes, into the courthouse, trial, twist ending where the “accomplice”, is reprieved then back outside for a good old fashioned hanging.

    We can reprise the gallows and the cannibal kitchen from our stuff. Not sure if there is any sensible way to use the aliens, unless maybe he is altering his victims to look like dead aliens? I’d love to offer the attendees a bite from this platter: http://www.instructables.com/id/Flayed-Human-Skull-Antipasto-Platter/


  • 0_1474871029587_courthouse.png

    This is the outdoor area, to give you an idea of how I’m trying to organize the photos.

  • Design Lab

    Significant outdoor lighting can super-win on this building, and advertise the event nicely. Need coloured, moving spots and floods on the outside walls and in the windows setup from the first night we are in there.

    Good intro, Pierre.

  • Design Lab

    lol nice one:

  • Design Lab

    Impromptu Haunted House meeting
    @Nicholas @pierre @Anton @Caitlin-Bailey @derpko @fullmetalmaker @300XC @Chainmaildave
    Design Lab Sept 27


    Proposed Dates:
    Setup begins @ Noon, Weds October 26 2016?
    Open to Public Friday October 28 and Sunday October 30 2016, 6-9 PM
    Open to TRU students only Saturday October 29 2016 6-9 PM
    Tear-down and cleaning noon-6 pm Monday, October 31, 2016

    People queue around building and up front stairs
    People are staged in groups of ten in the building foyer
    Peeps enter through the curtain at archway leading to stairs - tour begins.

    Stairs: big spider that drops from ceiling? black light, webs, etc
    Top of stairs landing: Haunted Forest (spiders web, bats, vampires, hanging snake, etc)
    Graveyard: (Tome stones, crypt, bones, vampire scare)
    Funroom (Creepy dolls, barbies, Aras jack in box, surreal area)
    The Trial: Zombie Jury, The Giant Judge, Kangaroo Court, Condemned Man, etc)
    Kitchen: Alien Cannibal Kitchen (Wrong Stew with hand-scare, aliens, buffalo bones, trays o meat, leg chop scare, Haunted windows)

    Group then exits with Guide down stairs and out back exit where they go past:

    Hanging (gallows)

    Tour ends.

    6 tour guides (in costume)
    “Bottom of Stairs” character/bathroom guide
    Vampire in Forest
    Vampire in graveyard
    Jack in the Box
    The Judge
    1-2 zombies
    2 kitchen people
    1 hangee (Nic)

    (12 characters, 6 tours guides, 2 roamers)

    Materials used:
    Black curtain on professional tube and drape
    Black fabric and plastic
    Drop sheets and floor coverings
    Fake walls
    Lighting effects
    Folding tables and chairs

    Materials / methods NOT used:
    Fake blood
    Thumb tacks
    Fire of any kind
    Smoke machine

  • I will be available to help with set up Wed after 4, Thursday after 3 and all day Friday. I work Sat until 5 and Sunday until 5, so I can be tour guide/character/roamer those two nights. I am also a Certified SFX make-up artist and have some ideas for simple yet gruesome make-up (especially if we can use the air brushes to do the base coat to speed things up). I have a prosthetic slit throat in the @Craftorium that someone can use too, and we can get around the not being able to use blood by using acrylic paint or airbrush. That way we can be gory without the mess!

    I have been looking into alternatives for expensive airbrush make-up as well. Will keep everyone posted!

  • I Just wanted to let everyone know that we have confirmed the old courthouse as the location for this years haunted house. I would like to have a haunted house meeting after the board meeting this Thursday. Anyone interested in being part of the haunted house is welcome to join us.

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    Just wondering if dry ice could be used instead of a smoke machine.

  • It probably could. I was not given a reason for why the fog machines have presented a problem in the past. I have used them in many things in the past without problem. I have chosen not to push it as this event has promise to grow in the future. We will strive to pull off a seamless event this year then we can visit things like fog in the future.

  • I can have a sign posted in the green room of TRU theatre to recruit actors. I have had a couple people ask if we will have another volunteer meeting/orientation before the event. @Nicholas?

  • Figured I should post a bit of an Itinerary for the setup and running of the event. Please let me know if you are available or show up as you can.

    Tuesday 25OCT2016
    -17:00 - Picking up props from TRU House of Learning.
    -Bringing props to Makerspace to go through and prep and repair.

    Wednesday 26OCT2016
    -08:00 - Opening Courthouse and beginning prop load in
    -09:30 - Starting pipe and drape setup
    -general setup and decoration for rest of day
    -23:00 Must be out of Courthouse

    Thursday 27OCT2016
    -08:00 - Starting day 2 of setup
    -09:30 - CBC Interview
    -23:00 Must be out of Courthouse

    Friday 28OCT2016
    -08:00 - Starting final day of Setup
    -16:30 -actors/guides meet at Makerspace for costumes and makeup
    -17:00 - Reubins Diner setup
    - Actors start to get in position
    -Tour Guides get prepared
    -Entrance Table manned
    -18:00 - Doors open, tours begin
    -21:00 - Tours end (may go long to finish line)
    - clean up and lockup
    -23:00 - Must be out of Courthouse

    Saturday 29OCT2016
    -15:00 - Fix props adress problems from previous day
    -17:30 -actors/guides meet at Makerspace for costumes and makeup
    -18:00 - Reubins Diner setup
    - Actors start to get in position
    -Tour Guides get prepared
    -Entrance Table manned
    -19:00 - Doors open, tours begin
    -22:00 - Tours end (may go long to finish line)
    - clean up and lockup
    -23:00 - Must be out of Courthouse

    Sunday 30OCT2016
    -15:00 - Fix props adress problems from previous day
    -16:30 -actors/guides meet at Makerspace for costumes and makeup
    -17:00 - Reubins Diner setup
    - Actors start to get in position
    -Tour Guides get prepared
    -Entrance Table manned
    -18:00 - Doors open, tours begin
    -21:00 - Tours end (may go long to finish line)
    - clean up start tear down and lockup
    -23:00 - Must be out of Courthouse

    Monday 31OCT2016
    -08:00 - remove organize and box all props
    - remove pipe and drape
    -17:00 - All props removed do complete cleaning of Courthouse
    -23:00 - Must be out of Courthouse

    Timings may be changed as needed

  • Attached is a map for decorating and a set of rules and guidlines
    0_1477431676404_Decoration schedule.PDF.pdf
    0_1477431681430_Decorating rules.pdf
    And thank you @fullmetalmaker this came in useful

  • I will be there tonight by about 8 to help. Tomorrow I will meet you at the courthouse at 13.00 and Thursday I will be there at 15.00. Friday I am available all day. Sat I work until 17.00 and will be at the space asap after work. Sunday I was supposed to be off at 16.00 but she has scheduled me to 17.00 if I can leave earlier I will try.

  • Also my sister will be an actor Friday and Saturday night and will be available on Sat to help with repairs during the day.

  • I haven’t started on dropping spider.

  • Awesome work @Nicholas and everyone else who is helping with organizing this event!

    I have had a few people asking me if they would volunteer. They would like to know when and where to show up, and they may only be able to volunteer for one day. Do you still need more actors?

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    @Nicholas nice stapler!

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    If you need any more volunteers for the weekend, I can help. although i dont have any costume prepared :(

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    Caitlin and I finish work @ 16:30 we’ll make it over as soon as possible.

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    Hey emergency call to ANYONE! Available please come to the courthouse bunch of volunteers bailed on us.

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    @Chainmaildave wish I could. I have some hw I really shouldn’t put off any more. Sorry

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