Vacuum Forming Table

  • I see that there is a vacuum forming table at the space, and I’m interested in giving it a try for a project- does anyone know what needs to be done to it to get it operational? Is it possible?

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    @Nicholas do you want to field this question?

  • It is very possible… But the table is only half built. Some time ago some of the members bought a single-purpose Vacuum Former (built to make RC car bodies), with an instruction manual for building one… @Nicholas tore down the unit and set about rebuilding it from the book, but out of better metal, and as a general purpose device. Last I recall, just before we acquired the laser cutter I was helping him make some pins for the pivot assembly… I’ve about decided to buy better stock to make those pins, because I have more money than free time these days. I’m not sure how much assembly is needed after we get the pivot working.

  • Thanks @pierre
    Hopefully it’s possible to figure something out, I know everyone has a million things on the go!

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    I think the plans are in a black binder on a shelf in the office if you want to look at them

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    I have a project in mind for vacuum forming, but I feel a bit overwhelmed right now and have to finish what I have going!


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