Drawer Slide CNC Project

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    If you are interested in seeing what kind of CNC machine can be built on a shoestring budget you might be interested in one of my ongoing projects. I have built a CNC router using scraps I had around the workshop, and a few cheaply sourced parts. Not including the cost of materials and tools I already had in the shop, I believe this build came in under $100. I already had a computer to control it, a rotary tool (router), a power supply, and the drawer slides, so most of the expensive items were already in my shop, so don’t be misled by a < $100 CNC machine.
    I have tried to outline some of the challenges I faced in this project on my website http://dkehler.com/drawer-slide-cnc-project/
    Mostly I am trying to use the blog as a reminder for myself of the things that I had challenges with or was hard to find concise information about online. It is far from comprehensive, but may be interesting to some to members.
    I have been using it successfully (in my opinion) to make wooden signs that I have actually sold a few of (I have kind friends). I will be putting photos up of the finished products in the future, but I am notoriously slow on updating things sometimes.
    Anyway, for anyone looking to get started with CNC routers on the cheap, I hope this provides some inspiration.
    If you have any questions I am always interested in talking about the project and sharing my limited knowledge.
    Happy building.

  • Very cool! I’d love to see some photos of the machine and some from the signs you have made.

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    If you follow the link I provided at the bottom of the wall of text there is a link to the photos post. ☺ It’s not well laid out I know, and I apologize for that. . A direct link to the photos of the machine is

    To see some of the products I have made far check out

    The thumbnails for the gallery for some reason are broken, but they should still load.

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    This post is deleted!

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    0_1475188605373_control hardware.jpg
    1_1475188632377_overall.jpg 0_1475188632376_overall (2).jpg

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    Here are some photos of a few of the projects I have made so far.


    A friend of mine have a joke about going to his place for coffee instead of tim hortons on our coffee breaks, so I made him a sign.



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