Makerspace starting in Salmon Arm

  • A few weeks ago we has a couple of visitors, Lana Fitt and Rob Marshall. They are trying to create a makerspace in Salmon Arm. They were very inspired by what we are doing.

    cc: @dhylands @dk @bct

  • Metal

    That’s fantastic. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  • Here’s the official invite for the Salmon Arm event:

    You are invited!!!

    Why: Create a comfortable space for Tech People to socialize, work on personal projects and learn from each other.

    Who: People who are Techies / Makers (please help pass the word to other interested people)

    What: A meeting to gather feedback on creating a local Tech Group / Maker Space

    When: Thursday, October 6, 2016 @ 5:00pm

    Where: Off The Beat Pub and Lounge (otherwise known as Hideaway Pub) - 995 Lakeshore Drive, Salmon Arm

    Within this meeting, which we expect to last an hour, we hope to gather enough information in order to help us move forward in starting a Group that can meet on a continual basis and learn from each other.

    Some topics to be discussed:

    • How many people are interested?
    • Are you interested in meeting weekly or monthly or would you rather a drop in format?
    • Do we have enough interest for a Maker Space, complete with computer hardware, equipment, etc?
    • What are your needs as an individual to get you to attend a Tech Group or a Maker Space.
    • What activities would you like to see happen?

    What are the possibilities as a group?

    • Geek Beers - unstructured meet-up, chance to talk with like-minded people.
    • Maker Space - actual space with computers and other equipment (suggestions?) available?
    • Mentoring - help high school students and other learners on projects.
    • Are you as an individual or as a business able to fund any portion of this group if money is required?


    • Economic Development Council (Lana Fitt) and their contractor will summarize their investigation of a Maker Space.
    • For this first meeting we are focussing on people who are currently working.

    If you are not able to attend this particular meeting, but are interested in hearing more then please let us know and we will add your name to our list.

    Please R.S.V.P. prior to end of day, Wednesday, October 5th to:

    Cindy Byers - Bawtree Software Consulting
    Phone:  250-833-4033

  • Should probably tag @megan-fenkhuber she has kinfolk in Salmon Arm… and the whole fandamly is pretty epic when it comes to redneck-engineering.

  • Thanks Pierre.

    I know Jack Fenkhuber in Salmon Arm. So I’ll make sure he’s contacted.

  • Unfortunately, I have to teach at the Kamloops Makerspace that night - Sigh,

  • I’m pretty sure Megan’s family in town use the surname Piggot. Her Fenkhuber’s are in Celista.

  • Ill be there.

  • Director

    @pierre Jack is my Dad’s brother. To the best of my knowledge all the Fenkhuber’s are my kinfolk. Also, I will let my Grandfather, Step-father, and Sister know.

  • Perfect!

    Thanks to @megan-fenkhuber and @pierre.

  • @dhylands
    I’d really like to talk to you after the meeting tomorrow. I can update you and see what we can do for this project.

  • @Hughb Sure - I can be reached by email: dhylands at gmail dot com, or you can call me: 250-675-2194

  • Conveniently, I am in Salmon Arm today, so my sister and I are going to go!

  • Will not be able to make this meeting. Car troubles have me locked in at my current location. Hope the turnout is amazing. Cheers

  • Metal

    @Jacob-S. I will be attending so if you are close to my path into salmon Arm I can give you a lift.

  • @dk I’m stuck in Kamloops for the time being. Gotta get this car fixed. I’ll b3 at any meeting afterwards.

  • Metal

    It was suggested the other day that we prepare a “Gift Basket” for Salmon Arm in the event they have a physical location for their Makerspace, we have a few duplicate items and are pretty well stocked with common materials so I’m thinking a care package with

    -assorted screw drivers + pliers
    -jumper wires
    -DC motors
    -a few power supplies and wall warts
    -maybe a computer workstations? if we have a spare??
    -a bootable copy of UBUNTU to install on their computers! LOL!

    anybody have other suggestions ? I cant physically be there to help but it would be awesome to see them succeed.

  • Metal

    There was a very encouraging turnout last night at the meeting. I would guess around 40 people of varying backgrounds. The feasibility study that the economic development committee is undertaking is still underway, so there was not a lot of info on that front. It appears it was more of a ‘get the ball rolling’ type of meeting and to gauge public interest. I believe it will be decided to have monthly meet up for ‘geek beers’ on the first Thursday of each month, as well as possibly lunch meet up on Fridays.
    Cindy and Hugh collected information sheets that the attendees filled out so I imagine they will be putting together a mailing list for future correspondence. If anyone is interested I have a Facebook page under shuswap makerspace if anyone is interested in using that as another avenue of communication/community.

  • Great idea on the fb page.

  • Metal

    I don’t know why the page is so hard to find, but for some reason it doesn’t like to show up when searched for.
    that should get you there :-)
    @fullmetalmaker That sounds like a wonderful gift provided an actual physical makerspace comes to fruition! I’m blown away by the level of helpfulness and generosity I see displayed by the members of this community.
    In the conversations I had last night everyone was interested in hearing about what the Kamloops Makerspace has to offer, and I couldn’t say enough good things about the people and the organization that you have built.

  • Just a quick note letting people know that we holding our second Geek Beers night - next Thursday, Nov. 3 @ 5:00 at the Village West Urban Market in Salmon Arm. Our first gathering, held back in October to see who all was interested, was a huge success and we are going to start meeting the FIRST THURSDAY of each month. Stay tuned for more news on the Makerspace feasibility study that is under way. Thanks to all of you who are wishing us well with this group and the possibility of getting our own Tech Centre in the near future. Cheers and have a great day.

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