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    This thread is related to the development of a MakerSpace Classroom in the ‘last’ office space on the 3rd floor.

    Natrisha and Kevin, our landlords, are helping us out renovate and renew that room with a view to taking it on as a shared, common space dedicated to workshops and learning. The room will have computer work-stations, shelving, library, lecturability and quiet space. Flouresent and track lighting.

    The following has occurred:

    Kevin stripped the room Sat. -pulled off paneling, removed tiles and T-bar, assessed piping and electrical conduit and generally moved the ball down the field.

    Tyler, Grant and Vaughn assessed the room, the general consensus seems to be:

    -re-run electrical and fire sensors and plan install of electrical outlets (Grant)

    -hang either new robust chandaleir-type fixture or wood-trimmed florescent banks for over-all ‘classroom’ brightness and add clip on tracks to anticipated shelving for focused indirect lighting (budget for fixture? Grant install)

    -refinish ceiling (Kevin/Vaughn - spray prime with KILZ and paint ivory colour, budget for paint?, Vaughn to spray)

    -sheet it in 3/8" drywall with half-round edging to meet and maintain classic wood casings (Tyler?)
    Note: top vertical of classic window casings and return features are missing in Classrom - recommend using door framing from un-used doorway.

    -paint (budget for paint? Vaughn spray)

    -Flooring: no plan at this time - suggestions?

    A work in progress - chime in with details, suggestions, updates and concerns.

  • I spoke to Nutech about the smoke and heat detectors. The heat detector must go in the ceiling but the smoke alarm does not. Its recommended but not necessary.

    I figure we can install 11 outlets, 10 at desk height and one for a tv. We can also run Ethernet. The light switch needs to be moved. That means 12 boxes, outlets, covers, etc, and a roll of loomex.

    We haven’t yet had the conversation about costs. I understand that capital improvements are supposed to be deductible from the rent but I haven’t heard whether the owners are in agreement. I will finish the ceiling work and wait for word before proceeding with the outlets.

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    Is it possible to install the wall outlets just below the level of a standard desk? Then, when the desks (likely 3/4" work benches along the walls) are installed, we can cut access holes into them for cords.

    This will ensure a clean look, which is what we want in there, as much as possible.

  • @Vaughn we Vann put them where you like. We can go over this in person

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    @arasbm @Nicholas @tinfoilknight @fullmetalmaker @Anton @Chainmaildave @Caitlin-Bailey @Chris @megan-fenkhuber @pierre @DCHydro @Krankin @Bradley-Maker

    Heeeeelp! We need to get the new classroom cleared out of all stuff, so Kevin can come with his guy next week and drywall - if we miss this window, Kevin will be too busy to do it.

    I have contacted Nic about the wind tunnel and little table saw.

    Grant says someone wants the paneling - they should pick it up ASAP (they will presumably want to de-nail it).

    The granite counters go where?

    Not sure what the stack of stuff behind the door is?

    Anyway, please get in there and do a bit? I am gearing up to refinish the ceiling, Grant is killin it on the electrical, Kevin is coming in to do drywall - please help maintain the momentum on this push!

    Oh, and we need to figure out flooring for in there - suggestions?


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    @Vaughn I’m busy with homework right now. Sorry i can’t make it down to help.

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    @MIPS hey do you want the paneling out of the reno room?

  • I am in Salmon Arm until late tomorrow, but I will be at the Space all day Saturday and can help with stuff before and after the open house!

  • Relocated the Wind Tunnel, disassembled and stashed the pieces of the clear box, because it needs a ground up rebuild anyway. Took the funnel to the wood shop, because it needs a bit more work on the legs. I’ll start with that, but after the haunted house.

    Also, took the blade of the toy table saw, and put it in the wood shop, since @jsonb spent good money on that blade. I snagged the blade guard to use as a template to make a guard with kickback pawls and riving knife for at least one of the full-sized table saws.

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    All the makerspace stuff is out of the room. Grant is electrifying. I will repair, prime and paint the ceiling. I believe Kevin is coming on Weds to drywall. Flooring to be determined.

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    This is a brief overview of the research of Peter Liljedhal. His questions was about optimal design. Since people think and act differently in different contexts, changing context, to some degree, gives you the power to change the type and quality of thought. Two observations from this research seem useful to Makerspace classroom design.
    1: Students think better when they are standing
    2: They are more likely to write down their thoughts if those thoughts can be erased.

    This makes standing whiteboards one of the best tools for collaborative design.

    If I could design my own classroom from scratch, I would arrange it so that the students could do all of their design work on standing whiteboards. I would arrange those whiteboards in a circle facing in, so that I could get an overview of their work by simply turning in a circle.

    This document also gets into the kinds of questions to ask students when they are engaged in design work. There are things that a teacher can say that will stop creative thought absolutely dead and there are statements that will railroad students along specific paths. It is possible to ask questions that keep people moving without assuming control over their direction. This would be a good skill for whoever ends up teaching in that room.

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    Ive been working on the ceiling patching and prepping and am getting ready to prime/paint the ceiling.

    @Anton has indicated he is into replacing/repairing the headers on the windows.

    One the ceiling is painted and the windows are repaired, we can turn attention to:

    prepping the woodwork for paint - cleaning the baseboards and other woodwork and sanding it

    prepping and preparing the drywall for primer - all edges have to be cleaned up, etc. the drywall may require more sanding?

    special thank you to @tinfoilknight for the work in there - the light is really good!

    Also Kevin, Curtis and Natrisha for the encouragement and support.

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    Concept for furniture

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