MONDAY October 10th Thanksgiveing

  • hello fellow makers, its me Caitlin!

    i would like to invite you to join us on Monday Oct 10 for a dinner shared with friends.
    I will be making:
    a turkey, with stuffing
    potatoes Mashed
    and sweet veggies.

    i will start the turkey around noon, any helping hands are welcome :)

    please rsvp if you would like to join the feast, (also so i know how much food to make) and if you would like to bring a dish, please do.

    suggestions : meat pie, pumpkin pie, or sugar pie, sodas, salads. tasty food.

    Thankyou, write back and see you next Monday!


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    I am in not sure what I am bringing yet :)
    Edit: I will bring spinach salad.

  • This sounds awesome! I will be there. I will most likely bring some saffron rice :) Thank you thank you!

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    Im in and thank you for the idea, @Caitlin-Bailey!

    If i knew how, I would make Yorkshire pudding, but I would screw that up, soooo I think I will bring PUMPKIN PIE and WHIPPED CREAM.


  • im so stolked!

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  • Any idea what time we should plan to have everything together?

    Also, Ashley is making a chai glazed pumpkin pull apart bread.

  • Ill be there also.

  • @pierre il be starting the oven around noon but i figure 6:00?

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    Megan will be bringing sweet potatoes and I will be bringing gurkensalat

  • The mission has a big dinner tonight too… their parking lot is a gong show. If you’re planning on coming in today, you might want to consider parking across the street.

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    Unfortunately, it looks like I cant make it tonight due to unexpected events :(
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone - Im sorry I can’t be there to share a meal with you!

  • I won’t make it either, as much as I would love to be there. Hope you all will have a great time. Maybe post some pictures so we don’t feel so left out? :panda_face:

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    We’ll bring a pumpkin pie too

  • That was epic folks… what a feast. Turkey, ham, baked goods, carrots, potatoes, yams, gurkensalat, greek salad, and I don’t know what all else. Good company, and a cheerful feasting. We also signed up another family membership. :)

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    … still full… can’t move… zZzZzz :triumph:

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