Food Trailer Project to build community.

  • Hi maker space community!

    This is Che Carrillo, I have a community based project that I would like help with. The idea is a food trailer to help the Syrian refugees. The food trailer is to be built from a camper I lived in. Everything except the floor, electrical wiring, plumbing and shell is to be stripped.

    I am an award winning chef and have design five food trucks to provide sustainable share position to single moms.

    My goal is to create a fleet of food trucks/ concession trailers from which to serve sustainable award-winning Authentic Mexican tacos. To better understand my concept please click

    I am a homegrown Bolivian and I am here to promote Earth Rights from Bolivia.
    I am motivated to use my best talents to help as many as possible. Consequently, I am creating a fleet of food trucks/concession trailers on a paying-it-forward basis, meaning the food truck will be gifted to a community organization such as a church which will in turn operate the food stand with the understanding the part of the proceeds will be retained and the rest forwarded to help another community which will also receive the same food serving model.

    The time line would be around two weeks to complete the food trailer which is about 6’ x 12’. We are building with recycled and re purposed parts. This includes the kitchen, sinks, sign age, and paint, interior and where ever else we can reduce the landfill load.

    We are waiting for confirmation from the Kamloops mission for a parking spot during the two weeks needed for refurbishing and constructing the trailer. If you know of any material that can used for the trailer, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Once we are maker members, we would need space to keep tools and some materials indoors.

    if anyone would like more info or would like to contribute please shoot me an email.

    You can also see my face here

    All the best,

    Che - Carrillo

    Yours truly,

    Betty Gloria Carrillo
    Award Winning Chef
    The Cardboard Theater Director
    Paying It Forward to Mother Earth Food Truck Program
    Pachamama’s Natural Rights Ambassador Canada
    Quinoa’s Ambassador
    Phone 778-378-3130 This email has not been be proof read by a non dyslexic and may contain spelling mistakes.

  • Hi @che , how much space do you think you would need to store your tools and materials?

  • Design Lab

    It was good to meet you the other day, @che . This sounds like a great project, and I think you are right on developing peoples ability to feed each other and raise money.

    I can’t commit to another project right now, I am swamped til January. But, wondered the following:

    Do you have people in mind to do the primary alterations and modifications of the trailer?

    Do you have photos of other food trailers you have made to give an idea of the finish of the trailer you envision?

    What square footage do you need in terms of storage of tools and materials?

    What exactly do you need in terms of help to achieve this project? If we can breakdown your needs, there is a better chance of finding the help.

  • Have you spoken with Interior Health about their requirements? They have very specific things that need to be done in order to certify the truck.

  • @pierre hi pierre

    we would need space for a non-gas welder, and the usual assortment of tools for taking a small golden falcon camper apart - probably a large sterilite container and pry bars and other longer tools could stand nearby or possibly stored at the mission next door.

    space would be required for sheet metal. think of standard 4x8 sheets of plywood or smaller - that is what i envision for construction material size except it would also be stainless steel and plastics .

  • @Vaughn hi vaughn

    i do have people in mind for the main jobs. although i would like input from members of the maker space community as fresh eyes can offer insight that we haven’t considered.

    here are some images of the outcome i’m seeking - with mods of course!

    11_1475813908853_2016-10-05_175009.jpg 10_1475813908853_2016-10-05_174949.jpg 9_1475813908852_2016-10-05_174930.jpg 8_1475813908852_2016-10-05_174911.jpg 7_1475813908851_2016-10-05_174856.jpg 6_1475813908850_2016-10-05_174838.jpg 5_1475813908850_2016-10-05_174814.jpg 4_1475813908849_2016-10-05_174747.jpg 3_1475813908849_2016-10-05_174730.jpg 2_1475813908848_2016-10-05_174704.jpg 1_1475813908847_2016-10-05_174644.jpg 0_1475813908845_2016-10-05_174534.jpg

  • @tinfoilknight

    hi tfk

    we’re working with interior health and have read their requirements

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