Ipad stand

  • The sides are Lexan cut out on my CNC mill, the standoffs are aluminum bar drilled and tapped on a lathe. 3 hours from starting work on the computer and finished product.

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    Anyone else have an issue uploading more than one photo to a post? If I try the second photo replaces the first one and I end up with two identical photos? This is from my iPad, haven’t tried from a PC yet.


  • @Bishop nice! that is very stylish and useful. Now I am going to have to make one for my tablet too :D

    Something like this will also make a good gift, I am starting to tag all project that can be a nice gift with the gift-idea tag so on occasions when people are looking for a nice and relatively easy project to make a gift, they can easily browse those.

    Anyone else have an issue uploading …

    Not sure what happened there. I just tested in this thread and dropping multiple images worked for me. You have to be a bit careful not to drop a new image on top of the text for an existing one, as the code can get mixed up. I usually press enter before inserting a new image.

  • When uploading I have tried two photos at once and it uploads the second photo twice, when I upload a single photo it works fine but even when leaving a couple spaces between photos, uploading the second photo replaces the first one at the same time. I’ll try it on a PC and let you know, my guts telling me it’s an iPad issue.

  • Before I forget to mention it, I tried something tonight that I have heard about but never tested. I use Lexan for a lot of projects as its relatively cheap, machines well and I can buy it locally. When you cut Lexan or plexiglass the edge is no longer clear and takes on a translucent white appearance. If you want to get that edge back to transparent you can use a flame (I used a small handheld MAP gas torch) and carefully clean up the edge back to very close to transparent. It doesn’t take much to burn the plastic so you can’t linger in one spot for long but it works quite well.

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    What is the purpose of the holes in the lexan? Weight? decoration? all?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • It was just a decorative touch I added, even knowing full well I’m not very artistic, I can’t seem to help myself 😊 I am guessing but with the Lexan and aluminium materials it’s probably 1/4 pound, quite lightweight. Work well enough though, can’t believe I propped my iPad on a pillow or my lap all these years. The girlfriend has laid claim to this one though so I’ll have to make another.

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    Neat! I really like the contrast between the aluminum and the clear plastic.

    I’m not sure if you posted this somewhere else but what kind of CNC mill do you have … what kinds of materials and what thickness can you mill on it?

  • It’s an X2 mini mill clone. The mill could handle about 4"x12" on the X,Y axis. Probably 10" on the Z axis. I cut mostly aluminum and plastic but before the conversion I regularily cut steel on the mill, slow but does a good job.

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