Agenda and notes for member meeting -- Thursday October 13 at 6pm

  • Kamloops Makerspace General Member Meeting – Thursday October 13 6:00pm to 7:00pm

    Rotating meeting chair: @fullmetalmaker

    Note taker: @Vaughn

    6:00pm: Welcome and roll call

    6:05pm: New members this month

    Mention the name of new members that have signed up this month and if they are present, give them a chance to talk about their interests. We have 7 new members this month

    6:10pm: Agenda

    • Homeschool program update (@fullmetalmaker @arasbm)
    • Haunted house
    • Art in the dark
    • Financial report
    • Winter preparations
    • Classroom development next to design lab

    6:50pm: Thank you and wrap up

    This is an opportunity to thank someone for something they have done over the past month that you appreciate. Please keep it short and sweet. Just one sentence saying something like “I would like to thank Lucy the dog for being cute” would be perfect!

    6:55pm: Plan Next Meeting

    Confirm next meeting is on Thursday November 10 at 6pm

    • Ask for a rotating chair volunteer for next meeting
    • Ask for a note taker volunteer for next meeting

    7:00pm: Meeting is adjourned

    Any item that we do not get a chance to discuss will be automatically postponed to the next meeting – or alternatively it can be discussed on the forum.

    Please submit any other items you would like to discuss as soon as possible. If you feel 5 minute is not going to be sufficient time, feel free to start a new thread on this forum and discuss your topic in details before the meeting

  • Metal

    I would like to add discussing the possibility of created a paid position for Maintenance and Daily Operations at the Space (wages to be subsidized through WorkBC program). dependent of course on finances and group concensus.

  • We will be having a haunted house meeting after the meeting

  • Design Lab

    KMS Monthly Meeting ~ Thursday, October 13 2016
    Meeting rotating-chaired by Tyler @fullmetalmaker
    Live minutes by Vaughn

    Meeting came to order at 6:20 pm

    New Members:
    12 or 15 new members in October

    Home School Programme Update @arasbm @fullmetalmaker
    “MakerSpace” class starts next Thursday at Heritage Christian online school
    30 kids, split between aras and tyler. @Bradley-Maker may take on one next semester
    Most of the learning is offsite, with intermittent visits to MakerSpace
    Every second week kids will visit
    MakerSpace calendar will be updated with dates

    Haunted House Update @Nicholas :
    Insurance is covered
    Permitting is dealt with
    $4500 cheque has been received
    $5 proposed entry fee
    TRU pays for location, security for 3 nights and first aid
    Other 2 nights TRU students with card will be honored
    $1000 tube and drape cost to be determined
    Rubin’s has volunteered to run food booth, with 10% proceeds to MakerSpace.
    Meeting after this meeting for planning
    6-9 on public nights (friday and sunday) and 7-10 TRU night (Saturday night)
    Advertising in paper, ad for facebook page, CBC, KIC, ECHO

    Art in the Dark Update:
    Tickets are $30 for Arts Council Members, $40 without
    Setup time:
    Door 7 pm - Midnight
    Displays include: Aras’s infinity mirror & cube, Vaughn’s ‘Cybernetic Seahourse Seance’, Tyler’s bass speaker cornstarch hack, LEAP Motion projection,

    Financial Report:
    ~@arasbm will post a detailed report soon on the forum
    ~$600 monthly Kamloops Innovation funding has ended for now
    ~Tyler brought up a list of possible grants compiled by Daniel O’Neil - members are encouraged to pick one and explore them - bring back to group for support and approval

    Winter Preparations: @fullmetalmaker
    Front door back door fab shop doors have been sealed up - please close firmly.
    Windows - we have a roll of shrink film and tape, we need to help get it done this week.
    Sat 1-3 afternoon is the “sealing the windows” party

    Classroom Development:
    Kevin landlord has stripped the room paneling
    Grant did the electrical - THANK YOU GRANT
    Kevin and helper are doing drywall, but may not be able to finish completely
    Vision is to make it a quiet classroom environment, 6 computers, 2-2’x6’ tables 10 chairs
    The understanding is that MakerSpace will start paying for the classroom once it is operational

    Shop maintenance and cleanliness:
    Some spaces are not being left in a state that allows all members to use it.
    It is an ongoing problem.
    New members need to be educated about the culture required to make this work, that is: clean up after yourself, clean up a bit more, encourage others to maintain the spaces.
    Some kind of mandatory orientation for new members is required
    Signage needs to be done that reminds of this issue
    It is disrespectful of our collective to leave a mess that damages our ability to share the space
    Plenty of frustration about the state of tools and shops - we ALL need to clean-up after ourselves AND call-out those who aren’t
    Action: Initiate monthly orientation for new members @Caitlin-Bailey will help
    Action: 3rd sheet added to standard membership sign-up - BASIC RULES & REGS

    Proposal: Operations Person position: @fullmetalmaker
    Opening the space at regular hours, doing maintenance and basic upkeep, hosting tours, developing workshops, maintaining tools,
    Mon-Sat 10 am - 4 pm (30 hours per week) $1200
    Survey of what open hours are most wanted by members
    Would not include cleaning up after members
    We have grown beyond the size where we can rely on the same people to clean up
    WorkBC requirements: min 35 hours, max 45 hours, WBC will pay 50% or the wage up to a max of $10/hr.
    MOTION: Should we investigate the costs and benefits of creating a paid position for the MakerSpace? Moved.

    Aras will look at if we can afford it - there are costs and benefits that need to be weighed: what are the real costs?

    Define the role closely.

    Thank You’s:
    Everyone is thanking everyone.

    Next meeting: Thursday November 17
    @tinfoilknight will rotating chair

    Meeting adjourned 7:40 pm

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