Infinity Cube

  • @Ron_Ron and I have been working on a pretty cool project for Art in the Dark. We are calling it an infinity cube, because normal infinity mirrors were not infinite enough.

    We would like to use the work table in the hack room to finish this project. If that is not ok with you, let us know and we will move it. It will only be there until Saturday. Thank you for your support! :)

    1_1476442357206_infinity cube 2.jpeg 0_1476442357205_infinity cube 1.jpeg

  • 0_1476458190120_PA140101.JPG

  • 0_1476465028431_PA140115.JPG

  • Looks like scene from the computer matrix or something… really awesome work.

  • @Ron_Ron LOVE IT!

  • Metal

    Looks awesome. I imagine it is even more amazing in person!

  • Thank you everyone for your patience while @Ron_Ron and I worked on this project. I will be at makerspace tomorrow from 6pm to 7pm to clean and organize the hack room.

    0_1476688534012_ArtInTheDart2016004.jpg 0_1476688542447_ArtInTheDart2016008.jpg
    0_1476688748962_ArtInTheDart2016004.jpg 0_1476688759287_ArtInTheDart2016005.jpg 0_1476688767975_ArtInTheDart2016008.jpg 0_1476688814768_P_20161015_203351.jpg

  • I almost got this project up and running the way I want it. For me It’s a bit weird working on it alone. I had to redesign my rush work from last year and make it less sloppy.

  • Classroom

    @Ron_Ron, the work you were doing last night looked great. It will be awesome to see this project up and blowing minds again!

  • Yet another long day for me. So I got it up and running the way I want it. Turn off the lights and get lost in this creation of leds and mirrors. It’s fully functional and ready to blow minds.

  • @Ron_Ron said: ready to blow minds.

  • It needs some sort of slow-rotating mount.

  • Well it is made so people have to walk around it. To look at each scene.

  • Classroom

    @Ron_Ron, if you are firm against a rotating mount, then maybe what we need (to make @pierre happy) is a steadicam for the next video.
    I have wanted to build one for ages. It would be great to have one around the space with both a standard camera mount, and grabby fingers for phones. I’m sure we could hack something awesome together for this. It could add a whole new level of polish to our project documentation and promotional stuff. Maybe I will try to get one built before art in the dark.

  • Stedi-cams are awesome. A free-swinging gimbal mount with a low CoG is usually sufficient.

    Oh look, a use for 608 bearings that is not a fidget spinner!


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