Infinity Cube

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  • Looks like scene from the computer matrix or something… really awesome work.

  • @Ron_Ron LOVE IT!

  • Metal

    Looks awesome. I imagine it is even more amazing in person!

  • Thank you everyone for your patience while @Ron_Ron and I worked on this project. I will be at makerspace tomorrow from 6pm to 7pm to clean and organize the hack room.

    0_1476688534012_ArtInTheDart2016004.jpg 0_1476688542447_ArtInTheDart2016008.jpg
    0_1476688748962_ArtInTheDart2016004.jpg 0_1476688759287_ArtInTheDart2016005.jpg 0_1476688767975_ArtInTheDart2016008.jpg 0_1476688814768_P_20161015_203351.jpg

  • I almost got this project up and running the way I want it. For me It’s a bit weird working on it alone. I had to redesign my rush work from last year and make it less sloppy.

  • Design Lab

    @Ron_Ron, the work you were doing last night looked great. It will be awesome to see this project up and blowing minds again!

  • Yet another long day for me. So I got it up and running the way I want it. Turn off the lights and get lost in this creation of leds and mirrors. It’s fully functional and ready to blow minds.

  • @Ron_Ron said: ready to blow minds.

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