Laser 101 - Thursday Nov 16 7-9 pm

  • Hey all.

    Just following up to see if a date and time has been set for the laser cut 101 course?

    I was talking to Vaughan and Aras about it last week and they mentioned Thursday as a possibility.


  • I dont think I could fit it in this Thursday. But if someone else puts a laser 101 workshop on, I will do a workshop on CNC routing with the 3020 which is also long overdue. ;)

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    Looking the direction of @fullmetalmaker?

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    Cait and I would love to join in on the 101 whenever its going to be :raised_hands:

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    sign me up whenever you get a date worked out.

  • @arasbm Sign me up for the 3020 if you’re looking for a show of hands.

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    @n0pe - Do you only need a grayscale drawing raster file to get the cool 3D effect on the 3020?

  • @derpko I am not sure. I think @arasbm did that model.

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    Will the 101 still be going on this Thursday with the laser cutter being down right now?

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    I was volunteering to host a laser 101, but it has to wait til the laser is back up.

  • @derpko

    That’s correct… to get the depth-map right, I think you need to invert the greyscale raster. But it is pretty simple.

  • Design Lab

    Laser is back up-
    Laser 101 - Thursday November 17 6 pm - 8 pm
    Host: @vaughn
    Cost: Free for members, $40 for non-members

    Please spread the word to those that have been waiting?

    @derpko @Krankin @Will

  • Sounds great!

  • @Vaughn I am in if its OK for me to be a little late. I work until 6pm on the 17th.

    Change on that. I can make it on time, just going to book an hour off work.

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    I’ll be there

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    I would like the laser 101 course. Pay in advance or at the course?

  • @Vaughn excellent! I just add your 101 to our calendar. I noticed that it conflicts with our monthly meeting, but that is ok, we should move the monthly meeting. I think we chose the time in a hurry last time and it sounded like Thursdays don’t work for a few people. I’ll start another thread for that.

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    @arasbm sorry for the schedule conflict! I should have checked the calendar before posting the 101. Too many platforms (calendar, facebook, forum, etc) to service with this stuff!

    Thanks for adding it to the calendar.

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    Is there a way to have the calendar prominent and easily accessible from the forum and facebook page?

  • @Vaughn no sure about the facebook, but I can integrate the calender into forum. It is on my list.

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    I added it to my faves bar.

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