Laser 101 - Thursday Nov 16 7-9 pm

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    I am interested in the April 20th date as well.

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    I can help out teaching it again if needed.

  • We’re 10 days away from the next Laser 101, and we’ve got:


    Anyone else? @Vaughn maybe a Facebook post to rustle up some more?

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    @Krankin if you can take this on, it would be great. Thanks for offering - I’ll leave it to you, with the recommendation that the future dates of Laser 101 be cast awayyy ahead; they can be tweaked if necessary later, but making it a recurring event on Google Calendar (every 5 weeks?) up to 6 months in advance. Set notifications for 7 days prior c/o presenter, to give lead time.

  • Hi makers, and in particular keyholders - will someone have the space open Thursday night while I’m putting on the Laser 101?

  • One more sleep until Laser 101! We’ve got


    confirmed here, and 3 more via Facebook. Any other takers?

  • Sorry guys, family is in from out of town so I’ll have to take the the next one.

    Sorry about that!

  • Laser 101 from April 20 is a wrap. Christine Beaton is newly 101’d and Roland popped in for a refresher.

  • @Torren Id do it again too!

    Says me


  • Hey everyone - is there a way for me to edit the thread title, or can only the original poster do that?

  • is there a way for me to edit the thread title

    @Torren it is probably best to create a new thread for each workshop instead of modifying old threads. That would keep the conversation relevant. This one is getting very long and for people arriving here for the first time it may be confusing to read. Dont hesitate to create new topics/threads. Just my two cents :smile:

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    0_1508983740778_Laser 101 small thumb.jpg

    Kamloops Makerspace Laser 101 - Basic Operation and Safety:
    Thurs Nov 16 7-9 pm

    7:00pm Lounge:
    Sign in, including email address
    Member or not? Liability waiver?
    Give each participant:
    Makerspace Laser Manual
    and materials worksheet:(

    A brief intro about Makerspace, membership, etc.
    Show and tell samples of laser cutting/engraving
    Watch short video on laser theory and materials safety:
    Discuss materials safety - ASK BEFORE YOU CUT UNKNOWN MATERIALS

    8:30 Design Lab:
    Discuss vector and raster images
    Saving and exporting, file formats, scale, line colours, etc.
    Show tracing of raster image into vector
    Address participants pet-projects or specific goals with laser cutter
    Save traced files (paths) of quick jegs to DXF - and flash drive

    7:30 Fab Shop:
    Show laser tube, mirrors, chiller and filter vent
    Show loading of material, origin, focal point, manual X/Y/Z,
    Open/Import a raster image and scan/engrave into wood. Show Z-depth.
    Open/Import vector image and cut in paper, 1/8" wood (live hinge wallet) and acrylic.
    Discuss management of materials and waste.
    (Discuss remaining content of laser manual while cutting)

    Ends 9pm

    Link to Makerspace Laser Manual:

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    Any other Members needing this 101? Lots of interest on the facebook. Confirm your spot today, or ask others if they want to get into this! Please share our workshops and events on your platforms - it really helps get the word out.

  • I’ll try to do a full laser maintenance when I get back to town. Fixed an alignment issue last week where it was heating up the lens holder instead of cutting.

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    @Vaughn DennisTheYounger and I would like to join Laser 101 on Thursday if there is still space. We’ve been trying to do raster image cutting and are looking for some help with that.

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    Laser 101 Class List so far:

    Beth n Dennis (mems)
    Josh Boone (mem)
    Jen Boone (mem)
    Sarah Krausert (mem)
    Renee Murakami (mem pending)
    Lindsey Tetreau (pd as non)

    John MacDonald (non pending)
    Takumi (non pending)

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    Class list for Nov 16 2017

    Beth and Dennis (members)
    Josh Boone (pd member)
    @jen boone (pd member)
    Sarah Krausert (pd member)
    Lindsey Tetreau (pd non-member)
    Dave Lang (pd member)

    Renee Murakami (pending family member)
    John Crisco (pending member)
    Takumi Sakamoto (pending member)
    Delora Rossy plus one (pending family member)
    Chris Ortner (pending member)
    Amanda Eccleston (member)

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    Holy Cow: I signed up ELEVEN new members tonight at Laser 101!!

    Laser Certified as of Nov 16 2017:

    Beth and Dennis (super solid members)
    Josh and Jen Boone (pd new family) keyed
    Sarah Krausert (pd member)
    Lindsey Tetreau (pd non-member)
    Renee Murakami (pd non-member)
    John Crisco (pd new member) keyed
    Takumi Sakamoto (pd new member)
    Delora and Jose Rossy (pd new family) keyed
    Chris Ortner (pd new member) keyed
    Riss Misler (pd new member) keyed
    Katrina and Chris Beharrell (pd new family) keyed
    Dave Lang (pd new member) keyed

    @kile re: membership/key database update

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    @Vaughn thanks this is an awesome showing!

  • Design Lab

    @Torren ok ive posted Laser 101 for Thursday January 4 2018.

    Ill make a new thread for it and assist in managing the signups and class list.

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