• I’ve decided to get rid of most of my magazines (I have them in digital form).

    So I thought I would drop them off at the space for others to enjoy.

    So far, I have about 10 years of each of the following:

    • Circuit Cellar (electronics)
    • Nuts N Volts (electronics)
    • Elektor (electronics)
    • Servo (hobby robotics)
    • Robot (hobby robotics)
    • Make (from issue 1)
      They’re all sorted into order. I seem to missing a couple.

    Some additional magazines, I also have, but which aren’t currently sorted (so I won’t be dropping them off yet, but will soon).

    • Fine Woodworking
    • Fine Homebuilding
    • Shop Notes
    • Woodsmith
    • various other wood working magazines like WOOD, Popular Woodworking.

    I plan on coming into Kamloops Friday to attend an ALS support group from 1-3. I can come by the space before or after this, and I’m hoping someone will be there :)

  • So far, I have about 132" (or 11 feet) of magazines to drop off:
    Does anybody have a preference as to where I should leave them?

    There are also 2 books that I have duplicates of:
    “Programming Robot Controllers” and “Applied Robotics”

  • Oh! Cool!

  • Wood

    Ooooh wood!

  • So much to look at! Thank you! :)

  • I found a new home for them.

  • Design Lab

    Bring on The Labeler… mice work @Ron_Ron

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