Repair Cafe

  • This is a neat idea, and I think it could work at our MS!

  • @bdallamore yes! Feel free to host a repair night at makerspace to gauge interest. I am sure there will be demand for doing this, people occasionally bring stuff to us and ask if someone can fix them. We kind of do this at hack nights, but this deserves it’s own time. It would be great to eventually have a regular event where we have coffee, tea, snacks and fix stuff!

  • I am interested in a repair cafe I have lamps that need fixing! Also wondering if Craftorium would like a donation of fabric sample books for projects? Does anyone have use of an old HP laptop that doesnt seem to be working and a bunch of electronic cords?

  • !

    Broken micro USB port. I can’t solder that well. Worth fixing?

  • Hi Roland,

    It looks like there aren’t any lifted traces (hard to tell from the photo), so if it’s just a case of soldering it back on, then I’d say its definitely worth doing.

    Use some solder braid to remove the excess solder from the board and then you should be able to solder the port back on without having to use much if any extra solder. I’d add extra solder for the mounting tabs.

    Anybody who has soldered surface mount parts should be able to help you. I’d volunteer, but I’m not sure when I’ll be at the space next.

  • You could use the blue Weller iron (not the red one, it has terrible temperature control and will lift your traces) with the finest tip, or maybe the hot-air rework station to follow @dhylands ’ instructions. The rework station has a camera that can, in theory, provide a magnified view of what you’re doing, there is a lighted magnifying glass over the blue Weller… Being able to see exactly what you are doing is critical if you don’t want to bridge any pins.