Website issue

  • Annoying little issue on the forum website. Chrome, Win10, Surface pro 3.
    ![0_1477257335670_Capture.PNG](Uploading 100%) Access token denied.

  • 0_1477257361290_Capture.PNG

  • To clarify - The post link is hidden at the top (blue and green boxes)

  • I get that as well if I hit Control-plus to make the text bigger.

    If I hit Control-minus then it typically shows up. Interestingly enough sometimes hitting Control-plus will also make the buttons show up.

    I have a similar issue with the reply-to box half-disappearing at some zoom levels.

  • Thanks for the report! @toxuin and I will look at the issues when we are doing the next upgrade. If you find any other problems, feel free to post to the Meta category. Thanks!

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