Laser Cutter *was* down

  • I was notified about issues with the cutter this morning and on inspection found that not only was the laser itself not firing but the cooling loop was completely overgrown with algae. The lines have been flushed, cleaned and I’ve refilled it with a 5% Ethylene Glycol solution to kill most of what is left and inhibit future corrosion until an improved cooling system can be built.
    The second problem however is something I’m not touching. Once the cutter was up again I observed that firing the laser resulted in arcing from the tube’s high voltage supply. Charred wiring is visible through the vent openings. Since the cutter is under warranty for another three months I suggest we get this handled ASAP. In the meantime I have put the keys in the filing cabinet in the Office to prevent operation of the machine.

  • Protospace laser was delivered with absolutely none of the grounds attached. I suggest that someone confirm all is connected. If the laser had been fired with no coolant, there is a good change the tube is toast. Please let me know if you need me to send a laser power meter to test the unit. Where is the arcing taking place? Is it at the power supply? If so, is it the high voltage coil or the thick wire? I think I still have 10ft of high voltage wire kicking around, i could send if needed.

  • We still had coolant circulation before it was cleaned so the tube itself has not cooked. The anode cabling is also presumably fine as well.
    The arcing was visible through the vent opening on the side of the PSU. If you shine a flashlight through right now you should see at least two white wires which are undeniably cooked and possibly a winding on an inductor coil.

    If you were to remove and open the PSU the damage should be pretty evident but so long as we have a warranty I suggest we wait until the vendor tells us what to do next.

  • Sorry, I keep thinking everyone knows who and where I am. I am from Calgary. I am a former director of Protospace (Calgary’s maker space) but I am from Kamloop’s. So supporting K3 is a passion but I am not local :)

  • No biggie.

  • @MIPS thank you so much for troubleshooting this.

    I have contacted the manufacturer and they said they will get back to me after they talk to their engineers. I will keep you posted about it. Until we get a reply about them and see if they will honor the warranty or not, we should not mess with the power supply.

    @trunner do you know how much the high voltage power supply is worth approximately? Are they a common point of failure on these units? Do you think it would be a good idea to purchase a backup power supply?

  • they are worth having. we have a couple people here in calgary. but basically they are built so terrible its good to have a backup, pop open the case and cleanup the awful soldering job that was done to them. They are between 150 and 80 dollars, i will look and see if I still have my backup, if so I will donate it.

  • I am buying a new tube for the maker bus i will also see if I can get a power supply as a part of the deal.

  • @trunner thanks! Have you ever had to go through manufacturer warranty? Is there any chance they will cover it?

  • Yeah, they are always a PITA to get the warranty. but if they think there is a chance you will spread negative feedback about them, they usually are easy to deal with. The issue is shipping time. You basically have this one chance to ask for parts after this they can claim that you waited to long.

  • The manufacturer (GWeike) got back to me. I asked them if they would give us a free power supply to cover the warranty and sell us one for backup. They are willing to ship us two power supplies right away before seeing the old one. One to cover warranty (free) and one as backup. They are asking for 345USD (462.59CAD) and they also want us to ship the old power supply back. So the whole thing is going to cost us around 500$ CAD.

    Assuming that the tube is fine and it is only the power supply, this is the quickest way to get up and running again.

    Assuming that there is a problem with the tube (hopefully NOT!) then this is the fastest to know there is an issue there.

    I can personally chip in 100$ toward this.

    Are you in favor or against this plan?

    Let me know as soon as possible. They said they will ship both power supplies as soon as I make the payment.

  • Member

    I am in for $50

  • $50 here as well.

  • I’m in for $50.

  • 3D

    Me in $50

  • Wood

    I’ll do 30 for sure…possibly more later…things are really tight for me with no work, medical, and trying to start the new wood board and paddles business. I really wish I could do more. Sorry.

  • Scorpion Technologies will throw in $100.

  • Wow, thanks everyone for chipping in! Thank you @BrianB for you support, much appreciated!

    I have paid the manufacturer and I am waiting to get shipping address from them to send them our old power supply. But they are saying that they will ship the two to us right away. I will let you know as soon as I have an eta.

    I already got the money from @Chainmaildave . Everyone else, please send you contribution via e-transfer to or you can give me the money by cash.

    so far we have:
    100 + 50 + 50 + 50 + 30 + 100 = 380

    We still need 120$ more so I do not go completely broke. Even if you can chip in 10$ that can still help a lot. Thanks!

    @Will I know you were interested in helping with fund raising for laser, are you still in?

  • Just sent 25$ via email money transfer to you aras. its on your gmail account.

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    Aras I just sent 30 to the membership email address. And I paid my dues too.

  • thank you everyone i will pitch in 40$

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