Philippe's kickstarter launched this morning!

  • Hi everyone, if you haven’t heard, Philippe’s new high-end heirloom knife collection launched on Kickstarter this morning. It has a cool story behind it - the journey of creating SO many prototypes, testing, getting feedback, and making changes.

    He finally launched this morning on Kickstarter and it would be great to have your support by:

    • checking out his campaign
    • sharing it with friends that cook or are interested in knives


  • Awesome! I just backed it, have been waiting for almost a year :smile:

    I should add that @mellem has been a big supporter of Kamloops Makerspace, and Philippe was the person that donated the 5’x5’ CNC machine to us when we started out.

  • Update: Philippe’s campaign has been 100% funded all within 72 hours! :boom:

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