Another cool Kickstarter: Maslow CNC

  • I decided to back this:

    What I like about it is how little space it takes up when you don’t need it.

  • Wood

    Interesting…I wonder how accurate it will be with it being on the side…and gravity pulling parts downward…wouldn’t it leave a little tearout at the very last bit of the piece as it falls down a bit? Unless the final cut is always at the top of the piece so it falls away from the router bit. I definitely wish I had some spare money for this. Did you order the whole kit or just support @dhylands ?

  • @DCHydro The parts in the video came out fine. And the chain drive would keep the positioning accurate. No slipping.

  • They claim 1/64" accuracy.

    I backed it for $350 (Batch #2)

  • Wood

    @dhylands that’s cool…great deal.

    I guess I didn’t explain very well about accuracy…what I was thinking was at the very last bit of the cut…when the cut piece is seperated from the sheet…being mounted more vertically the piece would want to slide down…whatever the distance of the size cutter…if the last cut was done on the bottom side, the piece would have contact with the cutter unless the final cut was always on the highest vertical point of the piece so it falls away from the cutter. Does that make sense?

  • @DCHydro Yeah - that makes sense. They’re adding a feature to control the Z axis, which would allow you to put tabs in the cuts (small pieces that connect the center portion with the main portion) and if you use tabs then nothing falls out.

    Normally when you do the CAM stage you can control the starting point of the cut, so it would make sense to put it on the top if you’re not going to use tabs.

    Here’s a picture of piece I created with tabs (that I cut out on my OX):

    and this was the finished cut:

    and a picture of the spoilboard after the piece was removed:

    and a clearer picture showing the tabs:

  • It resembles Makelangelo in many ways:

    I really want to scale one up and add a paint gun to do whole walls of buildings. Being able to program in windows and other features to not paint on the fly and then let it do the bulk of the coverage would be nothing but win.

  • Wood

    @dhylands I definitely like the tabs idea, looks good. I’m looking forward to hearing about the maslow…I might have to get one myself when time/space/$ allows.

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