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  • Hi Everyone,
    I would like to hold a meeting to organize our efforts for applying for grants. This is the first in a series of meeting that I would like us to have to better coordinate our efforts for applying for grants.

    If you know how to read and write in English, you have the skills to help out. It is usually boring and tedious work, but it can be very helpful to get grants to grow certain areas of our makerspace.

    The deadline for social planning grant is this coming Thursday. I suggest that we apply for funding to finish the classroom and fill it with high end computers and a few tools to help with digital fabrication training. I am thinking 10 nice computers and a decent 3D printer would work very well in that room. We can finally teach 3D modeling and digital fabrication to kids and adults, using advanced tools.

    Let me know if you can make it, or if you have suggestions.

    cc @jsonb @Nicholas @Graeme @tinfoilknight @Vaughn and anyone else interested

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    Is this on Sunday Nov 6th or Thursday Nov. 10th?

  • @Chainmaildave meeting is Tomorrow, Sunday November 6th.

    The deadline for social planning grant is on Thursday.

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    This post is deleted!

  • So @Vaughn and I started an application for social planning grant. We are going to ask for money to help finish our makerspace classroom project. We are focusing on the class providing advanced technology and digital fabrication training. Therefore, we are going to need a few high end computers, a modern 3D printer, and furniture. They are asking for a lot of information, including our books. It is looking really though to make the deadline for Thursday, but we are going to try.

    I just sent an email to Dionte from Skeetchestn Community School and asked for a support letter. The more letters we can get in support of this project, the better. I will also email HOCS. @Graeme can you get us a short letter of support for developing a digital fabrication classroom?

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    I am working on a 3D animation contract for a Skeetchestn reserve if that would further our cause at all.

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    I am working on the text for the social planning grant today and tomorrow - shooting to have it complete TOMORROW (TUESDAY) night, so we have time to coallate it Weds and deliver it by 4pm Thurs.

    I am soliciting a letter from TREC and Arts Council for support.

    We need THREE QUOTES on the computers and 3D printers - whose doing that?

  • What are the applications being run? To get a meaningful quote we need to know what the system requirements are. My two year old laptop sucks at 3D rendering.

  • @tinfoilknight we need someone to figure that out! Find out what would be a suitable computer for 3D design. Focus on applications to support digital fabrication such as solidworks, autodesk etc. Being able to generate complex CAM operations and do a bit of rendering too. I think we were aiming for 6 high end machines.

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    I talked to @Nicholas - he is doing the report on the laser grant.

  • perhaps we can get one person to research 3D printer and one person look into computers to further divide the work? Any takers?

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    I can take a look around for specs for decent computers for the design stations, do we have a budget in mind at all for the 6 computers? monitors and peripherals included or only the boxes @arasbm (I will be in tonight)

  • @derpko not sure about the budget yet, I will try to find that out. If you find specs and quote for 4 to 8 computers, we can choose the number of computers based on our budget.

  • As for recommending a 3D printer, I signed up for a Raise3D N2 during the Kickstarter campaign. Based on my advice, my brother bought the slightly smaller N1 (8" x 8" x 8" build area) and he loves it. My printer was one of the super early bird ones and has a few rough edges, which have been addressed in the newer units.

    The N1 comes fully enclosed, so its good for printing ABS (as well as PLA and other materials). It includes a builtin linux computer (similar to with an LCD touch screen. It has ethernet and Wifi interfaces available (although I haven’t yet had success connecting my N2 to my UniFi AP over Wifi - I also haven’t spent much time investigating).

    You can transfer files over the network, via sdcard or USB thumbdrive.

    The Raise3D slicer (called IdeaMaker) runs on linux, mac, and windows, and you can use other slicers as well.

    The N1 is currently prices at $1800 US, and it costs about $330 in shipping. I have a friends and family discount that gives you 5% off, or as a kickstarter backer, I can get 10% off.

    With the 10% discount, that would put the printer plus shipping around $2600 Cdn (plus taxes).

  • @dhylands I kinda like the SeeMeCNC. Here is a list of printers reviewed by Make. I sorted the list by score.

  • We just bought the Formlabs Form 2 and are very pleased with it.

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    Quick minimum spec required breakdown for Autodesk Maya 2015 / Solidworks / Blender


    NOTE*** Might be possible to get student licenses for Maya & if not Blender is open source and matches up pretty well except the interface isn’t as nice on the eyes which is fine. (rendering can be more of a process in blender).

    Being able to run these 3 program will mean that any less intensive design programs such as SketchUP, Coreldraw, Adobe suite… etc should work great.

    The only thing these machines might not be able to run super smoothly if we go for something in between min and recommended is particle and FX programs such as NUKE or Houdini.

    I believe Win7 should be the way to go for general stability.

    If we would want any 3D sculpting software on there we can probably do it on 8GB ram but depending on how many subdivision levels you are using on your sculpt it can slow down the system real quick and crash everything. Preferably 16GB as well as DRAWING TABLETS (mice dont do well with sculpting) Would be cool to have 1-2 stations set up for this.


    If anyone would have any extra info before I start doing some research on what could be 6-8 decent workstations, shoot me a msg pls :)

  • @derpko have you seen Lots of products available to non-profits, we may be eligible.

    As for Windows versions, Win 7 is out of mainstream support. The only updates available will be security patches. I’d be concerned about software packages having requirements that Win 7 can’t fulfill.

    Windows 10 has been out for over a year, and offers several options to increase stability and prevent the barrage of updates and reboots that the “Current Branch” forces on people.

    Win 10 Pro can select “Defer Upgrades” which puts them on the “Current Branch for Business”, which only receives new builds of Windows 10. It does not, for example, feature the Windows Store or the Edge Browser.

    And lastly, Win 10 Enterprise offers the “Long Term Service Branch”. This gets bug and security updates, and that’s it. A bunch of the Microsoft default app “bloatware” (sports, weather) isn’t installed.

  • From the reading I’ve done, a well calibrated delta printer can produce very nice results. I’ve not personally used a delta, so I’m not sure how much effort it is to calibrate and keep the printer calibrated.

    If you want to print ABS, you definitely want an enclosed printer.

    The resin printers produce very nice looking stuff (high resolution), but reports I’ve read aren’t good if you’re looking for structural strength. Tapping resin prints (to screw bolts into) doesn’t seem to have the same strength as say tapping ABS.

    The resin printers also seem to have more maintenance and related issues. So while I might pick one for doing certain types of prints, I’m not sure that I’d pick one to be used by general members at the MakerSpace.

    So my thinking is that an enclosed cartesian printer will probably have the least amount of maintenance requirements, and give something robust enough and reliable enough for use at the Makerspace.

  • @Torren @pierre if we get the servers running can we use cheaper computers?

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    OK, the text of the grant is pretty much complete, but I need to fill in some blanks:

    • “The amount requested” - need a $ number for 4 computers and the 3D printer.

    • supported by 3 quotes for the 4 stations and 3 quotes for the 3D printer

    Need to fast-forward specs on the computers and get quotes right now - We can refine the buy later, but we need the 3 quotes for design stations and the 3D printer by Weds at the latest.

    Any other ideas for support letters, get them in by Thursday latest.

    Here is the address of the Google Drive for this grant:

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