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    @Grant-Fraser, better get on it. The multi-material upgrade still has a two month lead time.

    By coincidence Info just get an email from Prussa. They have finally cleared the back order on i3MK2s, and are announcing free worldwide shipping on them this weekend. I guess they just like being backordered?

    Also they have introduced their own slicer. Apparently with the MM upgrade it can print up to three colours, plus a soluble support. The unique thing it does is only prints the soluble support at the interface between your object and PLA supports, which saves lots of the expensive soluble interface.

    Between that capability, and the ninja flex stuff, I am very interested in the MMU.

  • @kile I just got the free shipping announcement email. We can place the order for the MMU tonight and discuss the rest at the meeting on Tuesday. We can wait until 7pm to see if there are any objections. I hope this doesn’t come across as undemocratic.

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    @Grant-Fraser, may want to clarify. While I am supportive of pulling the trigger here, I thought that the email just offered free shipping on i3MK2 kits. If we are paying shipping we will definitely want to hold off and place a single order.

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    @Grant-Fraser what is the deadline for spending the funds, please?

    Overall, I give a thumbs up to more material and parts for the Prussa!

  • @Vaughn I was just re-reading the letter. We have to have a a final report by Nov 10th, but some projects may take until Dec 31. I think we shouldn’t wait for the last minute.

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    Whatever parts can be expected to need replacement should be the priority, imo.

  • I found this site which seems to be the best place to source spares:

    I would want one of everything from Electronics, Optional parts (minus graphical LCD), Extruder assembly, Linear Motion (minus the smooth rods).
    We could work on printing all the 3D printed parts for spares. We already had broken wires on the extruder assembly and I’m not sure if that fan will live forever.

    We do not have an unlimited budget. We have other bills to pay before we can dip into general revenue so if you want to spend more than we have budgeted we need to do separate fundraising to cover it.

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    what would be a comfortable yearly cost for 3D printer maintenance?

  • Those spares add up to about $85. I can probably trim the list further.
    The problem is we just don’t know what will fail and it would be better to have the parts on hand rather than wait for shipping.
    Filament is going to be about $300 per year, guessing 1 kg of filament per month at $23 per kg for spares and improvements we can make now.

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    Currently I am using a number of $10/hour (per printer) for a charge out rate for in the PromoScience application. Do you guys think this is reasonable based on the above? That is just for power consumption/upkeep and does not cover any materials consumed.

    I think fair market for laser cutting starts around $1.25/min currently (if anyone has gotten a quoted rate that differs significantly please let me know). This extends to $75/hr. How do you think $10/hr for 3d printing compares based on what it actually costs to run/maintain?

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