Skeetchestn School - Crosses for Remembrance Day

  • Hello everyone,

    The students at Skeetchestn school were hoping to paint some cross for Remembrance Day. I was wondering if I bought some plywood (any clue what would be a good thickness) I could pop by tomorrow and use one of the saws? I was going to try and hand-saw it, but I thought I’d ask here if anyone had a better idea.

    Sorry for bothering you all.

    Thank you

  • @BlakeWolter yes absolutely! I will be here tomorrow most of the day, but I am afraid I wont be able to help, other than letting you in :).

    If you post a picture of what you are trying to make, I am sure someone could give you some tips as what tools would work best.

    cc @Vaughn @Bradley-Maker @Wood-Worker

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    I should arrive at the Makerspace late morning or early afternoon and would be willing to help

  • Are you doing two pieces joined together, or all one piece?

    Two piece is fast and easy on the table saw, maybe using it with the mitre or radial arm for cross cuts.

    If you are doing one piece, then band saw, scroll saw or laser cutter are your best bet. CNC router would work too. Laser likely won’t be up until next week…

    If I had to do a bunch of them, I’d make one as a template, then rough cut oversized blanks and use the table router or a laminate router to trine them down to match the template

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    @BlakeWolter I would make a paper pattern, transfer it on plywood scrap, drill holes for inside corners, then bandsaw the lines.

    Dont buy plywood - use the tons of scrap we have at the space!

    Use a sanding sponge to sand the edges, prime back first, then front, on sticks. Another light sand and they are ready to paint.

    Use a handfull of paint stir sticks or thin strips of wood to suspend them when you paint, or they stick to the table or paper under them.

    Ill be in today - Ill help.


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    Is help still needed…I just saw this.

  • All done! Thank you to everyone who helped out! I have four crosses cut and ready for the kids to sand tomorrow morning. Thank you again :)

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