Power Hacksaw

  • @Chainmaildave bought a new belt for the power hacksaw that @Bishop brought in. We set it up tonight. The blade on it was pretty coarse, and kept stalling the motor in thin-wall material. Put a fine tooth normal hacksaw blade on it and cut up some tubing. Then we cut through a leaf spring, took less than 10 minutes with a drop of rapid-tap on the blade.

    Then we cut up some pipe that @Will brought in.

    The blade is reversed to cut on the pull stroke… it’ll get better tension that way and makes the cutting forces react against the fixed jaw instead of the moving one for less chatter.

    A bit of adjustment to the box-ways made it run straighter, and take a narrower kerf, but it is still cutting about 15 degrees out of square. I’ll look into how to adjust the tracking.

    Adjusted the auto shut-off to kill the cut right after the blade passes the table… it had sawed most of the way through the support… That’ll need a bit of loving with a welder.

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