Board Workshop - Sat Nov 19 -9am-noon

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    Hi everyone,

    Workshop for non-profit boards, staff, volunteers:
    Saturday November 19th, 9am - noon.

    For the MakerSpace to grow and get stabilized (stable funding, a paid position to manage day-to-day, etc) Board and volunteer development is really important! Read another way: the MakerSpace could FAIL if it is not managed by a small and efficent group of people who care. I dont mean to be alarmist, but it is a fact. I realize ‘board work’ is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but when these workshop are offered, we should attend them and improve our ability to guide the non-profit.

    The rewards for investing time into the non-profit board are LARGE: we are developing something that enhances our own lives and also is a totally excellent resource for the community. We are AHEAD of this curve right now. It takes time and brains to get the different elements running smoothly, but once it IS, we can really take off, get some huge grants to buy killer equipment and operator training, etc.

    SO, could some of us attend this workshop? I certainly will, and I hope others will - we can go for a beer after!

    @arasbm @Nicholas @Chainmaildave @derpko @Caitlin-Bailey @megan-fenkhuber @pierre @Bradley-Maker @tinfoilknight who else did I miss?

  • Thanks Vaughn. I will try to attend the workshop as well.
    Totally agree with you that we need more people involved in the operation of the space.

    The more people we have on board, the more opportunities we can capture. Right now our limit is not the lack of opportunity, but lack of resources to execute on them!

  • Wood

    I’m not on the board but might be interested in the workshop…I will know better next week with appts etc. Can I even attend?

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