Laser chiller

  • The laser chiller is slowly dying. The air conditioner part is sometimes taking multiple attempts to start it. I have an idea for a new one. Rather than the A.C. unit in the water bath we could set up a small car radiator directly in front of the A.C… We can keep the chiller water cleaner that way. Does anybody have a spare small rad and overflow bottle?

  • Even a transmission cooler would work with a small reservoir

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    Looks in the general direction of @Nicholas

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    What is the semi-new device in the box on top of the chiller? Isn’t that a small radiator? @fullmetalmaker

  • Why yes it is! It even had the word “radiator” on it.

  • Design Lab

    Totally rad. I think that was @fullmetalmaker’s donation?

    Good work tinfoil

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