Lets choose a time and date for our next monthly meeting

  • It is very important to us that most members can participate in our monthly meetings and provide feedback and get involved. I created a list of potential times that we could host our next meeting. Please visit this page, enter your name or forum handle and select as many time slots as you can.

    In the poll I have only indicated the start of the meeting. They usually take from 1 to 2 hours.

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    Thanks, @arasbm

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    Would it help to make the laser 101 7-9pm? Then the monthly meeting could be 5:30 - 7pm?

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    I changed the Laser 101 to 7-9pm.

    For consistency, I think it is a good idea to try to keep the monthly members meetings 2nd Thursday evening of each month?

  • That’ll help out a few people who were having trouble getting to the space right after work too.

  • So far it looks like Sunday would be the best day for everyone. I have only heard back from 11 people. If you have not responded to doodle yet, please do so asap. It only takes a few seconds and you don’t need an account.

    Ps: lets NOT have the meeting tomorrow (Thursday)

    Most likely it will be on Sunday. I will confirm as soon as I hear back from a few more people.

  • @arasbm With my schedule, I don’t have a best day, so I will happily go with the majority and attend when i can.

  • 0_1479439719285_meeting_doodle.png
    Base on the replies I have received so far, it looks like this Sunday would work for most people (sorry @megan-fenkhuber !)

    Lets plan for Sunday November 20 at 4pm.

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