LAN Party

  • Any interest in LAN Party?

  • Out of town this weekend, would be interested if you are doing one almost any other weekend thought.

  • Looking for interest. Trying to get something started!

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    If we’re talking 1.6 I’m in or any other game for that matter who am I kidding.

  • What do you do when a counter-strike player throws a pin at you?

    Run like hell. He’s got a grenade in his mouth.

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    If I can recover them, I believe to have 3-4 1.6 accounts as well as multiple cs:go ones as well ahahaha

    ALSO for the heck of it.

  • I guess we can make a list of games we could play. And have more then one LAN party if people have enough interest.

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    Anybody interested in playing Civ5?

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    I’d be up to some Civ5. While were at it, why don’t we put up steam ID’s

  • are you asking for user name when you sign into steam?

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    @Ron_Ron yeah, just so we can add each other on steam.

  • trev1316

  • pcoueffin

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    BonneChance4 … I am not on very often though. I got the account to try Civ5 and my rural internet does not work well with it. (Honestly, pretty terrible … I kept getting bumped out of games.) Lan party sounds promising! What weekend are people thinking? Next weekend is probably out for me. Anybody interested in early December (the weekend of the 3rd)?

  • retrosa

  • @Ron_Ron Yours doesn’t come up on steam for me!

  • maybe its Deathshaker~

  • and my second account is Deathshaker. lolz I am friends with myself. lolz

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    peanutbk (look for the homer avatar :D ), network is crap at home atm - but should get around to sorting it out soon.

  • Could probably get a group of ~6 people together, then ~12 if we do it a second time, by posting it on Kamloops Boardgame Social .

    Bunch of gamers in the group. We’ll just have to sort out some games beforehand, a place to set up rigs (or laptops for lighter games), etc.

    Let me know if interested -

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