Tell me what you like and I will bring it.

  • 3D

    In picture

    • IBM System X3550 M2 / 12GB Ram / TwoE5530/ SIX 74GB 10K SAS
    • undefinedIBOOK G4 1.5GB Ram With a to be installed SD card to IDE adaptor
    • undefinedPine 64 2GB
    • undefinedOpen Pandora 512Mb Ram Model 600Mhz

    Off picture

    • Lenovo X220 I5 6GB RAM No Hdd Laptop

    Don’t really know when i can bring all of this, but it will come :)

  • Thank again for bringing all those cool toys over yesterday. Looking forward to have you more involved in our community :smile:

  • 3D

    @arasbm Thanks for making me feel welcome, really hope to see you again soon!

  • I can’t wait to work with you more! :)

  • Is there a rack for the IBM servers? They’re huge.

  • 3D

    @tinfoilknight We are going to need to make a shelf for them because all of those servers as far as I know do not have rails to slide them into a rack.
    Or just stack them in a corner like i was doing for a while.

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